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Talpiot wakes up: events in August-September

In the morning Exchange of oils - in the evening Singing and enjoying: As part of the business development activity of the Division for the Advancement of Business there will be a series of events in the name of coexistence during the months of August and September 2017

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31/12/1969 20:00


The Division for the Advancement of Business is launching a series of unconventional events for the general public in Talpiot, as part of the Division's activity to promote and develop trade throughout the city. During the months of August and September, four events will be held in cooperation with the "Kulna Yerushalemim", "Madrasa", "Double Yerushalmi" and more. Musical performances, capoeira shows, poetry evenings and backgammon competitions - such and such will be held in the context of coexistence and dialogue between Jews and Arabs. The events are free and open to the general public.

Main events:

2.8.2017 (Wednesday)

A performance by Effi Doev and Djerba Groove at 20 Pierre Koenig Street (the parking lot opposite the Klezmer and Latail stores).

14.8.2017 (second)

A performance by Margalit Tsanany at 2 Poalei Tzedek Street (Bialik Publishing Complex). At the same time, the early stages will be held at the "Double Jerusalem" backgammon competition.

The following events will take place on:

6.9.2017 (Wednesday)

at Yad Harutzim 16

13.9.2017 (Wednesday)

at 11 Yad Harutzim Street (on the roof of the Shakal building).

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    09/07/2017 20:55

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    26/07/2017 20:55

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