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The Senior Citizens Department invites you to join a variety of study programs, courses and workshops

Courses for Senior Citizens

The Senior Citizens Department in cooperation with the Art Department developed and built a unique and innovative art center for pensioners from Jerusalem and the surrounding area.  The center will provide a combined learning and social experience emphasizing high quality workshops and lectures by experts in the field.

As part of the program, some of the best speakers and art experts in Israel will give art history lectures covering ancient art, the Renaissance and the Baroque era, all the way to contemporary art and the magnificence of the Baroque era alongside Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss. Along with theoretical study, participants are invited to discover their own creativity in art workshops focusing on drawing and painting, ceramic sculpture and photography, learning what artistic language is and how all individuals are able to express it according to their own personalities.

In addition, course participants go out on experiential tours around the country, visiting special, interesting galleries and prominent museum exhibitions and learn to recognize art in the public space.

The program takes place Tuesdays from 9:00 to 13:45 at the Ginogly Visual Arts Center, 3 Tuvia Street (near the Denmark School), and is intended for ages 55 and over.

Join art studies that combine art history studies, creative workshops and art tours in museums, galleries and creative workshops.

Ceramic sculpture workshops at beginner and advanced levels:

The course is a year-long course and is held as part of the art study day combining theory, workshops and tours. 

Tuesdays from 9:00 to 13:45. The annual fee is NIS 2,400.

The Ginogly Visual Arts Center, 3 Tuvia Street, Gonenim, Jerusalem.

For additional information and to register:

Please contact Etti Avraham at 02-6295880 or Rachel Barda at 02-6298134 from 9:00 to 15:00. You can send a mobile text message to 052-4662345


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Sounds of Gold 50+

A music center for the elderly – “There is music in the air, the world is full of it and you simply take as much as you require.” (Edward Elgar)

Those interested in enriching their knowledge in the field of music and realizing a dream of playing an instrument are invited to join the Sounds of Gold 50+ Music Center, which is expanding its activities at the Gilo Community Center on 14 Vardinon Street.

The new branch was established in order to provide a solution for music lovers in southern Jerusalem. Additional branches of the center are expected to open in various locations around Jerusalem for the convenience of music lovers.

Program participants enjoy a full day of study which includes:

  1. Guided listening to music, music history, the foundations of music and A Chorus Line. The pensioners also enjoy individual lessons covering a wide range of musical instruments including the piano, saxophone, vocal training, and more.
  2. Alongside the musical field, Music Center participants enjoy many activities throughout the year, museum tours, musical tours, watching musical films, listening to concerts, holiday events and more.
  3. Activities that will build a supportive and enjoyable social network.

The center’s instructors and lecturers are renowned experts in their fields and allow pensioners to realize their dreams of playing instruments and expanding their musical knowledge. Studies show that playing an instrument and learning in old age causes cognitive flexibility and delays memory loss, so it is important to develop such centers for the elderly.

For additional details please contact:

Dalia Tzuri Asraf, Sounds of Gold 50+ Music Center coordinator – Mobile: 050-9233501

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Memory Preserving Workshops

The elderly often say things like, “I have the word on the tip of my tongue”, “What did I want to do just now?” or “Where did I put the keys?”

Preserving memory and cognitive abilities in old age is one of the challenges every older person wants to win.

The Jerusalem Municipality Senior Citizens Department, which is extensively active in the field of elderly health, has initiated the establishment of centers and workshops designed to improve memory and cognitive ability in approximately 60 social centers.  In the near future, a similar group will be opened in Beit HaKerem, including demonstrations accompanied by lectures.

During the sessions, participants learn about the memory process and what is needed to maintain it and even improve it. They are also given tools for improving memory during daily life and cognitive flexibility.

For more information contact Etti Avraham at 02-6298135


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The Tehila Program

The Tehila Program is a unique adult education program. The program is intended for Jerusalem adults who are 55 years and older.

Areas of study:

  1. Completion of basic education.
  2. Enrichment courses covering a variety of subjects: English, Computers, Bible, Civics, Parahsat Shavua, Knowledge of Israel, Geography, Poetry, Improving Quality of Life, Smart Consumerism, Health, Reading Comprehension, Language Improvement, Reading and Writing, and more.

Program partners:

Jerusalem Municipality Senior Citizens Department, the Ministry of Education’s Adult Education Division and the Office for Social Equality.

The project includes 1,300 students and nine community centers around the city.  About 80 groups of students participate in the different courses.

For additional information please contact Tehila Program Director Larissa Yanovsky at 054-4516866

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The Katedra on French Hill

The Katedra program for the elderly is held at the French Hill Community Center in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality Senior Citizens Department, the Magid Institute and the Community Centers Association.

The unique program offers seniors 55 years and older from Jerusalem and the surrounding areas enrichment and personal development courses in a number of areas including culture, computers, art and more. 

In addition to the Katedra, pensioners are offered tailored health club memberships, sports courses, ceramics workshops, painting lessons and of course the Traveling Community activities, which set out on group trips several times a year.

We invite you to join the Katedra program and combine studies with social interaction in an experiential atmosphere at the Community Council.

For more information and to join, please contact Gadi Yehezkel at 052-5787208


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Studies for Religious Women

The program is designed for Haredi and National-Religious women, offering interesting and fascinating studies while creating a rich and empowering experience.

The program includes lectures by senior lecturers on a variety of subjects and fields of study, creating a supportive and empowering social network vital for the elderly.  Jewish art studies, life changes and transitions, a cinematic look at mothers and daughters and legends of the Sages.

Classes are held Tuesday mornings, and participants enjoy discounted lunches and swimming pool activities.

For additional information please contact Naomi Lieberman at 052-7646570.


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Workshops for Promoting Women’s Health

The program takes place in the Bukharim Quarter, Gonenim and Gilo.

Participation in a healthy cooking workshop, yoga classes, games that help retain thinking abilities and memory – these are just part of what the project for promoting elderly women’s health has to offer the women of the Bukharim Quarter, Gonenim and Gilo.

The project is the initiative of Hadassah Medical Center's Prof. Laufer, the Senior Citizens Department and the community councils, and its goal is to promote the physical, mental and social health of elderly women.  The concept behind the project is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as key to a healthy and happy life, and enables increased knowledge, tools and skills for a healthy lifestyle, encouraging periodic testing for the early detection of diseases and the building of a supportive social network.

The project consists of physical activities, walking groups, lectures on various medical topics, preservation of thinking and memory abilities and visits to women who are unable to leave home.

For additional information please contact Nachmani Poczerinink at 054-8481733


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Centers where courses are held for Seniors


Institution Telephone Address
Visual Arts Center 02-6404999 Tuvia 3
Retirement Center Creator 02-5635828 Palmach 32
Hebrew University 02-5882888 Mount Scopus
Hebrew University 02-5881565 Mount Scopus
Amami University 02-5456867 Bezalel 11
Emuna 02-5324112 HaChai 43
Beit Shmuel 02-6203463 SHama 6
Ben Zvi 02-5398888 Abarbanel 12
Bet Avichai  02-6215300 King George 32
Matan 02-6798688 Rashbag 30
Al-Gil 02-5664144

Emek Refaim 12

Begin Center 02-5652020 Navon 6
Art Center 55+  02-5302760​

Kanfei Nesharim

Women only

Cinema City 02-5820227


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Photography Course

27 experiential sessions in which we will embark on a personal journey within a small family group. During the journey, we will get to know the world of photography, its past, its state today, become acquainted with its unique language and learn ways to know and express ourselves through it. This journey will allow us to learn and perfect our camera control as well.
Course Teacher: Michael Gerd graduated from the Department of Photography at Bezalel, owns a documentary and commercial photography business, for many years has taught photography in various frameworks, including: Israel Museum, High School Professional High School (established and managed photography, video and editing).

Tuesdays: 9:00 - 13:45 Ginogli Visual Arts Center, 3 Tuvia Street Jerusalem

To register: 02-6295880, 02-6298134 or via mobile message: 052-4662345
Phone service available from 9:00 to 15:00. To register by email: avester@jerusalem.muni.il

NIS 2,400 per year. Start of studies: 5.11.19

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