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Payment Methods and Discounts

The payment can be made via

A demand for payment submitted to the assessed will be repaid within 30 days from the date of its delivery, and in any case passes to the granting of the requested building permit.



Discount according to "income test"

  • The "Law for Jerusalem" for Paving, allows for a rebate for taxpayers who are entitled to a property tax rebate according to the "income test", which was examined and approved that year, and in accordance with the rules set forth in the "Law for Jerusalem. Discounts will apply to charges for obtaining a permit for additional construction to an existing building.
  • No discounts will be granted for step construction and / or for new construction and/ or for undeveloped land.
  • A taxpayer who believes that he is entitled to a discount and did not receive it in the original charge, will submit a request for a discount in the form attached in Appendix B - "Request for a discount from paving levies according to the income test".

For Appendix B - Application for a discount on paving levies according to the income test - click here

  • Discount within the framework of the "Discount Committee", in accordance with section 14 of the Paving section in the "Law for Jerusalem".
  • The application for a discount will be submitted by the assessed to the Development Department in the Assessment and Collection Division on the form attached in Appendix C - "Application form to the Discount Committee" required "to receive a discount on paving levies".

For Appendix C - Request to the "Needs" Discounts Committee - click here

You can send the application form to an email box: Hslila@jerusalem.muni.il