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Explanation of the data that appear in the process of handling the improvement levy

Below is the detailed explanation of the data in the system of handling the improvement levy case

For the system of handling the improvement levy process - click here

Referral of the case

Date of application for processing by the Municipal Appraisal Department.

Examination of liability for improvement levy

Your application has been forwarded to the department for consideration, for your convenience the number of the improvement levy file.

Receiving an application for exemption

Your request to be exempted from the department examination.

Rejection of a request for exemption or partial acceptance

From our examination, you do not meet the conditions for exemption from the improvement levy, if the debt claim has not been paid, you are required to arrange a transfer to a client time + details of the reasons.
In order to continue handling the improvement levy, the completion of documents is required, the handling of the case is delayed until the completion of the material, the missing and detailed documents in the treatment process.

Returning a portfolio from a client time

Documents were received on your behalf, the material was transferred for further treatment in the ward.

Production of a demand for payment

Please note that a voucher has been issued for the payment of the improvement levy, and the continuation of the processing of your application is conditional on arranging the demand for the payment of the levy.

Shipping demand

Request for payment of an improvement levy has been sent to the postal address registered in the system, further processing of your request is conditional on arranging the demand for payment of the levy.

Receipt of receipt / letter

An receipt / letter was received on your behalf which was forwarded for further treatment by the department.


In response to your request, a response was generated by the department, and sent to the department's updated mailing address.

An appeal procedure is being conducted for the demand for payment

There is a dispute over the amount of the improvement or the actual charging of the levy, and a legal proceeding is underway in the appellate court.

A decision was made in the appeal proceedings

A decision was made in the appeal procedure on the committee's demand, the case is being processed.

Refund confirmation

If an amount higher than the final amount determined is paid, a financial credit is made directly to the debtor's bank account according to details provided by the municipality.
The credit is made by the accounting department of the Collection Division and lasts about a month from the date of the credit by the Department of Improvement Levy.