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Parking Ticket Payments

A parking fine is assessed by a parking control officer when a vehicle is parked either illegally or without payment where required.

By law, parking offenses can be appealed by going to court. So if you receive a ticket then you have the option to either pay the fine or go to court.

  • The court option means giving the defendant the opportunity to appeal a ticket if he feels that it was not justified.
  • The various offense clauses are set forth in the Jerusalem Municipality by law (Placement and Parking of Vehicles), 1960.
  • The amount of the fines are determined by order of the Minister of Transport.
  • Once a parking control officers has begun to record a parking ticket, he is not allowed to stop or cancel it, and must complete its registration.
  • A driver on whose vehicle a parking ticket has been placed must act in accordance with the instructions found on the ticket. For every ticket attached to a vehicle windshield, a notice is sent by registered mail to the address of the vehicle owner, as registered at the License Office, within one year of the date of the offense.

Hotline for inquiries and payments

Sunday through Thursday between 8:00-15:30
Tuesday is also between 16:00-18:00

Credit card payments

072-2457333, 02-6296000

E-mail: PnHanaya@jerusalem.muni.il