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Parking Rates and Payment Methods

On some streets, including the main streets of the city, a fee must be paid in order to park there. The fee is required Sunday through Thursday, from 8:00 to 18:00 or 19:00 (depending on the area) and on Fridays and holiday eves until 13:00.

In places where a traffic sign is placed that permits parking for those with a suitable area permit (from 18:00 until 8:00 the next day), parking is allowed only for the permit holder.

There are multiple methods to pay the fee which are explained below. It is important to use one of these methods and make sure you don't get a parking ticket.

Please note, there are traffic inspectors who give parking tickets and place the ticket on the front window of the car. These tickets are given when no payment has been made by a driver parked in a fee charging parking area or when parked somewhere which is not a legitimate parking area.

For details, call the Parking Public Service 1-700-53-00-02.