דלג לתוכן העמוד

Low Income

A municipal tax discount for income reasons is granted according to the number of persons living in the apartment and the level of their income in October-November-December or January-December of the previous year.


Important to know:

The discount is limited to 100 sq m of the apartment area only (except apartments with an area exceeding 100 sq m with more than 10 people living in the apartment. In this case, the area for discount will be calculated according to 10 sq m per person, for example if there are 11 people living in the apartment, the discount will be limited to 110 sq m).
In an apartment exceeding 160 sq m, no discount will be offered, unless the apartment is occupied by a family with 13 children or more.

For your attention:

  • Before submitting the request for a municipal tax discount, make sure to transfer the municipal tax bill to the name of the discount requester, holding the asset. For such purpose, submit an apartment rent/purchase agreement. In addition, attach an additional copy of the rent agreement when submitting the request for the discount.
  • If the apartment is held by a number of partners eligible for a discount, submit the requests for discount for each of the partners together and the discount will be awarded to each one according to his relative portion in the area of the apartment.
  • The certificates required in this explanation page and the form for requesting a discount are the basis for submitting the discount request. Each request will be reviewed separately and in certain cases, you may be required to submit additional documents.
  • Submitting a request for a discount does not postpone the date of payment and will not delay enforcement of dues according to the law.
  • A discount request on behalf of another person will only be reviewed if the proper power of attorney is submitted.
  • The request for a discount will be reviewed for the current year only and no discount will be awarded for previous years.
  • An eligible person, who received a discount and did not pay the remainder of his debt by the end of the tax year, will result in the revoke of his discount.
  • Remember, partial and/or false reports are a legal offence. The Jerusalem Municipality reserves the full right to check and verify every request with all means available to it according to the law, including cross referencing details with additional authorities and employing detective agencies.

You can also send us digital copies of the form and the required documents by e-mail: Discounts@Jerusalem.muni.il

Click here to fill out the discount request form in Hebrew.