דלג לתוכן העמוד

Program set up to assist soon-to-be parents

Are you a resident of Jerusalem who is about to have a child for the first time? Join the the Municipality's new program that starts in December

The Municipality of Jerusalem has set up a program, "Journey to Parenthood", whose goal is to prepare soon-to-be first-time parents for parenthood and the challenges they can expect to deal with immediately after the birth, and in the period that follows. 

It is a unique and pioneering program that is culturally adapted to all of Jerusalem's sectors . It will start during the month of December at a number of venues around the city, and will be led by the municipality's Early Childhood Department in cooperation with the SEED center of the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yafo.

In the framework of the program, the parents will prepare for the new and significant stage expected in their lives, and receive tools for providing optimal parenthood to the babies on the way. The program will enable the participants to be more prepared when they reach the stage of parenthood, and to establish a deeper and better connection with their babies. In addition, the soon-to-be parents will receive tools to prevent and reduce postnatal depression. 

The program is intended to ease and improve the transition to parenthood, which along with the excitement that it brings, could be emotionally complex and burdensome . Its workshops will deal with significant issues that soon-to be-parents often struggle with, such as: What kind of parent do I want to be? What am I concerned about? How do I relate to my spouse in times of crisis?  

The workshops will be conducted in small groups for the young couples who are about to take their first steps in the world as parents, and have similar uncertainties, concerns and fears.

The mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Lion, said "We are happy and excited to open the "Journey to Parenthood" program in Jerusalem. The Municipality of Jerusalem supports and is concerned about the next generation, and I invite all soon-to-be parents to come to the various workshops and to receive support and tools before starting a family and having your first child."