דלג לתוכן העמוד

Digital membership

Israel Digital Library

  • If you have already finished all the books you borrowed from the library ...
  • We recommend that you use the website of the Israeli Digital Library- Click here for the link.


  • It is available to you from any computer, cell phone and tablet 24/7 free of charge for library subscribers in Jerusalem.
  • What to do?
  • Download the free Libby app, select the library branch, select Jerusalem Library, type in your ID number. Without digit 0 before,
  • Then all that is left is just to choose audio or electronic books.


Exact instructions can be found here:


Book subscription on the Hebrew website

  • Subscribers to the municipal libraries in Jerusalem can also enjoy a subscription to a Hebrew website - a bookstore
  • You can get a code through your library and publish one book every two weeks
  • Please fill out the form and a library manager will send you an email with the code soon.