The Symbol

​The symbol tells the story of the very first days of the country of Israel


Immediately upon the creation of the country it was decided that the symbol of the city of Jerusalem, as the capital of Israel, needed to convey the special meaning as the city of the Jewish people. It was designed by A. Koren.

On the first of the month of Adar, 1950, the symbol of the capital city of Jerusalem was officially chosen and registered. The symbol that was chosen reminds us of the great and storied past of the Jewish people: the stone wall in contrast with the surrounding olive branch exhibits the hope and peace of this new capital of a new country.

The lion, the protector of the wall, symbolizes the connection of the capital city with the estate of the Tribe of Judah and is a display of one of the common symbols of the Jewish people which decorated some of their most holy instruments as well as the doors and curtains of the Holy Arks of the synagogues.