StreetBall 2018 - Jerusalem Municipality

Street Ball 2018 Jerusalem

​​From July 31 to August 1, there will be a Streetball Tournament in Safra Square, within the framework of the International Children's Olympics – ICG (= International Children's Games).

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The largest street basketball event in Israel takes place during the summer months (July and August) over the course of two days in Safra Square.

During the two days of the games in the summer months, Safra Square converts into a huge basketball area, with 16 courts and another large, modern, and magnificent central court. More than 1,000 male and female basketball players take part in the hundreds of games that are held during the competition.

The event is arranged in cooperation with the Israel Basketball Association and the International Basketball Association (FIBA = Fédération Internationale de Basketball) which started to hold international tournaments of 3x3 Streetball. Jerusalem joins this respectable list, as well as other cities around the world.

The participating teams are divided into several different categories of women and men, starting from age 10 to adult. On all of the days of the competition, the games commence at 16:00 and finish at 22:00.

The first- and second-place teams win valuable prizes, and, in addition, the top spots in each category are given the opportunity to represent Jerusalem in 3x3 Streetball in the World Series of 3x3 Streetball of the International Basketball Association, FIBA.

In addition to the hundreds of games, prize-winning basketball competitions open to the general public are held. There are also exhibition wheelchair basketball games, an exhibition game and an exciting ceremony with the best basketball players in Israel, a three-point shootout contest, and a spectacular slam-dunk contest. The entire event is accompanied by rhythmic music that transforms the basketball experience into one big entertainment.

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    7/31/2018 10:55 PM

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    8/1/2018 10:55 PM

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