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Meeting in the Park

​The program was created out of a desire to provide an answer for families during the summer vacation: free activities suitable for children that are held in the public parks in our neighborhoods.

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1/1/1970 2:00 AM

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​The activities will take place:

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the months of July and August.

Each day in a different park.

Inflatable water slides, soap bubbles, a drum circle, musical performances on recycled containers, performances, etc.

We thank all the residents who helped us select the activities that will take place in the park.

The following is a schedule of activities for the month of July:


July 2: Taekwondo

Beit Elisheva Garden

July 3: Water Sports,

Giraffe Garden (Eliezer Yellin Garden)

July 4: Musical Performance

San Simon Park

July 9: Drum Circle

Bilu Garden

July 10: Musical Performance: "Moving to the Music"

Nayot Park, Yael Garden

July 11: Soap bubbles

San Simon Park

July 16: "Moving to the Music"

Beit Elisheva Garden

July 17, Inflatable Water Slides

Sokolov Garden

July 18: Crafts in the Garden: Scouting Activities

Chaviva Reich Garden, San Simon Park

July 23: Summer Crafts Bilu Garden

July 24: Soap Bubbles

Nayot Garden

July 25: "Moving to the Music"

Beruriah Garden

July 30: Crowded at Home—Presentation

Beit Elisheva Garden

July 31: Water Sports

HaTzefirah Garden



Schedule of activities for the month of August:



August 1: Water Sports, Drum Circle

Chaviva Reich Garden, San Simon Park

August 6: Musical Performance

Beit Elisheva Garden

August 8: Water sports, Musical Performance

Nayot Park, Sokolov Garden

August 8, Scouting Activities

San Simon Park

August 13 BE TOGETHER,

HaAgvaniah Garden

August 14: Soap Bubbles—Presentation: Treasure Hunt

Yael Garden—Nayot Park

August 15: Musical Performance; Presentation: Eliezer and the Carrot:

Chaviva Reich Garden, San Simon Park

August 20: Drum Circle, Beit Elisheva Garden

August 21: Dr. Bubbles—Soap Bubbles

Giraffe Garden

August 22: Soap Bubbles and Crafts

Beruriah Garden

August 27: Taekwondo and Craft

HaAgvaniah Garden

 August 28: Drum Circle and Activity Fair

Nayot Park

August 29: End of Summer Festival in San Simon Park


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