‏‏‏‏Events on Independence Day 2018 Jerusalem - Jerusalem Municipality

‏‏‏‏Events on Yom Haatzmaut Eve Jerusalem

​Following is a list of the various attractions, shows and activities that will take place on the eve and day of Yom Haatzmaut:

ללא תאריך


1/1/1970 2:00 AM

נגישות :

לפרטים נוספים :


​Wednesday, Yom Haatzmaut (Independence Day) Eve, April 18th

19:45 – Beacon lighting ceremony

22:00 – Main stage, celebrating 70  years of independence at  Independence Park

Featuring: Yossi Azulay, Liron Amram, Balkan Beat Box, Lior Narkis with Avi Mesika and Shay Cohen.

Host: Elad Amedy.

* Fireworks at 22:30 and 24:00.


Celebrating 70 years of independence at Kikar Zion (Zion Square)

The main stage will be active from 21:00 to 24:00, featuring:

Pritsat Disc, Reva LeAfrica, Gili Yallo, Fortis, AVEVA, Ana Aref and DJ Ofir Tubul.

* Fireworks at 22:30 and 24:00 at the Independence Park.


Singing and Dancing Independence at Safra Square 21:30-3:30

Starting with artists' performances followed by public dancing with the best dance instructors.

Singing independence with Aviva Avidan and Lee Fishman.

Hebrew party with Motti and Shmulik.

Host – Avi Ofek.

Admission free.


Dancing Independence at Safra Square 24:00 – 3:30

Following the artists' performances, a mass folk dancing event will be held, hosted by Avner Nayim and Miki Kogen.


3 FRONT STAGE parties will be held simultaneously in the center of town between 22:00 and 3:00

Hip Hop and Groove – Jaffa St.


DJ  Tali Ben Itzhak

DJ  Pnina Shimon


Techno and Trance – Hillel St.





House Dance – Hatulot Square

DJ  Yaniv Danan

DJ  Barak Kapilto



Machane Yehuda Market – 3 DJ performances

The market transforms into one big party with 3 different DJ performances

DJ  Pnina Shimon


Roi Bracha. Roni Mansano


Independence at Teddy Park

Independence Day prayers with Haverim Lenigun, and singing with Sharim Bagina featuring special guest Alma Zohar.

Admission free.


20:00 – Festive Prayers at the Wailing Wall

Followed by public dancing accompanied by musicians and singing.


Independence party with the Student Union

Time 22:30 Alrov Mamilla Avenue, upper level  .  

Leading DJ's playing your favorite Israeli music.

Tickets can be purchased from the Student Union.


21:30 – Independence Concert at the Jerusalem Theater

The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, IBA.

Conductor: Frédéric Chaslin.

Tickets: 1-700-700-400.



A vivid tour experience.

Historical buildings revived with sound and light.

Artistic management, projection and animation – Shlomit Yaakov.