The Sports Complex

The upgrading of the sports complex, located at Malha, enabled the foundation of the National Sports Complex.

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Teddy Stadium
The expansion of the Stadium and the construction of the south side stands were completed in 2013, turning the Stadium into a facility able to hold both national and international events. The Stadium holds 33,000 seats and is considered one of the two largest and most modern stadiums in Israel.
In 2013, the Stadium hosted the European Football Championship and in 2015, for the first time, hosted an international match, played between Israel and Belgium as part of the European Championship’s Qualifying Tournament.

The Arena (The Jerusalem Payis Arena)
A multi-purpose arena, at a size of 45,000 sq. meters, is the most advanced of its kind in Israel.
The venue holds national and international art and culture shows, in addition to national and international sporting events.
The Arena holds 11,000 seats.
For additional information concerning the Arena please click here

Olympic Swimming Pool
The Jerusalem Municipality has begun promoting the construction of the pool, to be built alongside Teddy Stadium and the Arena.
The complex will hold 2 swimming pools: a 50 meter Olympic swimming pool and a 25 meter warm-up swimming pool. It will also include a diving facility (the first of its kind in Israel).
Upon its completion, the facility will be able to function as a home for hundreds of competitive swimmers in Jerusalem, and to host national and international competitions, while also providing services to the general public.

The Jerusalem Sports Center
A complex of gymnasia and sports halls including facilities for a variety of fields, such as: a gym, a climbing wall, hydrotherapeutic pools, sports halls for the various fields of martial arts, a studio for ballroom dancing and ballet, a center for rhythmic gymnastics, halls for aerobic activities and more.
The center is bustling and vibrant with activities every day of the week and is another part of the National Sports Complex.

Central Square (Piazza)
As part of its long term plan, the Jerusalem Municipality is promoting the construction of a piazza which will be the center of the Sports Complex. This central square will hold shopping centers and a hotel providing accommodation solutions for athletes.

The Israel Tennis Center – Jerusalem
The Center is also located at the Sports Complex next to the big facilities.
The Center is equipped with 16 tennis courts, a center court for national and international matches, and holds a wide variety of activities for the general public, including tennis courses and tennis lessons.
For more information concerning the Israel Tennis Center please click here

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