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​Job Search Guide

​The most common used search guides for job openings in Jerusalem. 


Municipality's Employment Authority

The Jerusalem Municipality Employment Authority offers its services to the public and the various and diverse populations in the city and helps the residents with a variety of services such as:

  • Job placement assistance
  • Training and retraining
  • Preparatory workshops for work life
  • Counseling and Career Center
  • Scholarships

Service to residents of the city is provided through:

  1. Employment coordinators and human resource developers spread out over 29 service centers in the city neighborhoods.

  2. Employment Center for academics and immigrants helps and supports academics and immigrants in search of suitable work. The Center helps with writing resumes using a formula that has proven itself. Under one roof you can get all the relevant information for employment: comprehensive information on the labor market, self-study methods of job search and workshops for improving the efficiency of job search. It also offers internet and fax services. As well, the center offers free vocational diagnostic software and information about vocational training institutions in any field relevant to the aspirations of each individual. Center staff personally accompany job seekers - academics (all ages) and students - and help them to find work. The Center initiates professional courses (with specially subsidized prices) for students and academics which increase their chances of finding a job.

Types of assistance provided by the center:

  • Individual guidance and counseling

  • Guidance in various languages

  • Resume writing training

  • Finding suitable jobs

  • Providing updated information on professional training

  • Workshops to integrate oneself in the work environment

  • Internet and fax services

Address: 17 Jaffa Road
Sunday, Monday and Wednesday 9:00-15:00
Assaf Skolnick: 02-6295719
Blonder Kalman: 02-6295389

02-6295388/9, 02-6295719

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Center for directing immigrants and residents returning to work

Operated for Ministry of Immigrant Absorption

Target Population:

New immigrants (up to 10 years), and returning residents (over two years from the date of return), a high school education or higher, academics and professionals.

The Center provides career guidance, personal counseling and diagnosis with an occupational psychologist. The Center also provides job search skills: resume writing, interview skills and the like, using job-search workshops, culture-bridging seminars and more.

In addition, there are centers offering studies in field-specific Hebrew terminology/language and courses for updating professionals in fields such as: basic computer familiarity, computer applications, learning Hebrew, study of English for the workplace, a workshop in bridging cultural gaps, exam preparation workshops for AutoCAD. In order to maximize clients’ chances of finding an appropriate job and adjusting to the requirements of the local market, they offer employment placement assistance and supervision during the period of absorption in the workplace as well as meetings with professionals with common interests, as a support group. The course offerings vary from time to time based on supply and demand so one should check periodically for changes.

Contact information:

Address: 11 Rehov Hatzvi, corner of Rehov Yirmiyahu, Prazot Building, Floor 1
Phone: 02-5371186 / 02-5373929 - Mrs. Wicca Tools

Information from the Ministry of Absorption: click here

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Aliyah Job Center

Online job-search center operated by the Jewish Agency. Operated in English and offers a variety of occupations and classified ads for immigrants.
Link to the website

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Tzeirim BaMerkaz (Jerusalem Young Adult Center)

The following employment related services are also offered at the center:

  • Personal employment consultations

  • Determining the needs of the young immigrant

  • Help in writing/resume translation into Hebrew appropriate for the Israeli labor market.

  • Introduction and explanation of navigating current Jerusalem job search websites.

  • Familiarization with manpower agency sites in Jerusalem and information about working with job placement companies.

  • Workshops on employment interviews/evaluation centers.

  • The Center provides up-to-date information on subsidized employment and labor market integration-related courses in Israel/Jerusalem. Courses and workshops held in the Center are designed especially for young people and academics.

  • Explanation of existing school options tailored to the previous education/interest of the immigrant.

  • Providing information about scholarships.

  • Making appeals to municipal agencies specializing in immigrant absorption and other institutions in the field of education in general.

  • Consultation on economic/legal issues.


Other services offered at Tzeirim BaMerkaz:

  • Assistance in finding housing solutions.

  • Consultation on the maximizing of immigrant rights.

  • In the area of social involvement, the Center offers: initiation of programs in young neighborhoods, convening of neighborhood forums for young people, running cultural events in neighborhoods, social entrepreneurship and provision of information on events taking place in the city.

“Specializing ” Program

A program that offers young academics an opportunity to integrate into the labor market in Jerusalem. Through this program, young students who acquired their education abroad are given the opportunity to obtain work experience in their professions.

For details:

22 Shivtei Yisrael St.
Phone: 02-6232224 / 02-6232687

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Jerusalem Municipal Employment Center via the Ministry of Social Affairs

Address: 3 Ben Yehuda on the 3rd floor.
Phone Number: 02-595-6275 or 02-625-2496
Fax: 02-625-2493

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Nefesh B'Nefesh

Target population:

Immigrants from the United States, Canada and England.
The Department of Employment and Placement of the organization ''Nefesh B'Nefesh'' is the address for recruitment of professional, academically trained, English speaking employees.

The organization offers:

  • recruitment and personnel placement services free of charge

  • saving time and expense related to the process of the search for skilled manpower

  • Hundreds of employers all over the country have recruited workers through ''Nefesh B'Nefesh''. The Employment Department manages a detailed and varied database of skilled workers. A great benefit of their service is their staff's familiarity with the candidates in the database. The team guides the candidate even before he/she immigrates, so accuracy in placement is at a maximum and the candidates are only sent to apply for jobs appropriate to their skills. Recruitment through ''Nefesh B'Nefesh'' saves the company headhunting costs and the time and resources invested in screening resumes to find a suitable candidate.

Phone: 02-659-5800

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MATI Jerusalem

​Business Development Center in Jerusalem. MATI Jerusalem is one of 23 MATI (Small Business Development Centers) deployed in various parts of the country which are working to promote businesses in their respective areas. Since its inception, MATI Jerusalem has helped 28,510 entrepreneurs, of whom about 6,673 have established and expanded businesses. This activity has produced about 16,868 additional jobs in Jerusalem. In addition, MATI has helped entrepreneurs raise loans totaling NIS 106 million for the construction and expansion of small businesses and has run hundreds of courses and workshops in the field of entrepreneurship and management.
The Jerusalem MATI branch has on its staff professional consultants and economists. These consultants, together with the entrepreneurs, assess the economic feasibility of opening or expanding a business. If the idea does seem viable, the consultants help the developer prepare a detailed business plan and, if necessary, refer them to sources of loans to finance the project.

MATI's website

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Ministry of Immigrant Absorption - Voucher Project

The Voucher Project for Immigrants/Returning Citizens for Employment and Entrepreneurship.
The Voucher Project is operated to facilitate and simplify employment absorption processes for immigrants. The project's goal is to increase the range of choices for eligible professionals to integrate into the labor market and allow them to utilize their skills according to their education, experience and abilities. The target population for the Voucher Project are unemployed people who require additional training to advance their careers (with a written recommendation from their previous employer).

Who is eligible?

  • Immigrants / immigrant citizens / returning minors / child of an immigrant who was 15 years old when he/she received immigrant status.

  • Eligibility period of 10 years from the date of receiving immigrant status, has at least Ulpan level A fluency in Hebrew.

  • • Returning resident in the eligibility period (up to two years after his/her return to Israel), except for professions requiring an Israeli license.

  • Working age 15-67.

Conditions for receiving assistance

Conditions of eligibility for assistance: a personally submitted application by an eligible applicant to the local offices for the purposes of building a personal business plan. It is important to apply for assistance before committing to or paying for services from an outside agency.
Details are available from the employment counselors at the local Ministry of Immigrant Absorption bureaus.

Office of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption for the Jerusalem area:

Address: 15 Hillel Street

Georgina Shmidt
Phone: 02-6214541
Mobile: 050-6214523

Yehudit Ben Ami
Phone: 02-6214557
Mobile: 050-6214743
Fax: 02-6222807

Link to the website: Hebrew | English

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The Career Program

Gvahim’s Career Program is the only career development program in Israel, tailor-made for highly-skilled immigrants, running in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The program   offers group workshops and interview simulations, individual HR consultations, one-on-one mentoring sessions and active placement in top companies in Israel. With the close guidance of our experts, the participants in the Career Program quickly learn how to make the best use of their education and experience while looking to enter the Israeli job market.
As of mid-2016 we have thousands of graduates, with an 88% placement success rate. Our graduates are successfully employed during the year of completing the program and fulfill their career potential in Israel.

 Group workshops

  • Presentation & Interview Skills
  • Salary & Contract Negotiations
  • Repackaging for the Israeli Market

One-on- one HR Career Consultations

  • CV adaptation to the Israeli Market
  • CV translation to Hebrew
  • Develop a job search strategy including defining the types of positions and companies you want to target
  • Mentoring by Israeli Professionals

Active job placement in the Israeli market

  • Placement in top quality Israeli companies
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Connect Olim with Israeli professionals

For more information and to ask for application deadlines, please contact our Training Managers, 9:00-16:00 (please note, you may apply only if you have an Israeli Identity card or an Israeli passport, or a valid work permit)
Career Program Jerusalem:
Jonni Niemann, Project Manager
Cell Phone: (+972)-55-665 1979, Email:

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Janglo is a website which can help English speaking Olim. One of the many features of this site is finding a job. Posts are mainly listed in English and there are a variety of jobs available for choice.
For a job search on Janglo click here

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​Target population:

Immigrants from South Africa and Australia.

Areas of activity: the Department of Employment and Placement in Telfed is the place to go for aid in finding suitable employment. With the help of an employment counselor, you will be able to adjust your CV, navigate employment sites, make use of Telfed's job search site, network, take part in workshops and more!


Phone: Michal Mertern – Career and Employment Counselor 972-790-7806



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