Registration Policy to First Grade - Jerusalem Municipality

Registration Policy to First Grade

​All elementary schools in Jerusalem are available for registration for any student living in the city. The registration will take place on the website of the Jerusalem Municipality, and in accordance with the law and the circulars of the Director General of the Ministry of Education.

​Guidelines for registration to elementary schools


Registration policy

The registration operates according to the principle that "a student chooses the school, the school does not choose the student"--that means that there will be no screening processes for elementary schools. Special schools with a defined educational character may ask the parents of the students wishing to study there to confirm, by means of their signature, that they have read the school regulations and undertake to act accordingly.

Each school has a defined capacity, according to its ability to absorb students in the building. The Jerusalem Education Administration strives for classes that contain up to 32 students.


If the event that an excess demand develops, a lottery will be held, based on the following order of preference:

1. Children of the Youth Division (if there is a Youth Division in the school).

2. Residents living near the school (proximity or residence to the school is defined in the booklet)

3. Older siblings who attending the school in the relevant school year

4. Exceptional cases

5. All other Jerusalemite students

6. Students living outside the city

Online Registration for First Grade

Each year, registration for First Grade will be performed through the Jerusalem Municipality's website. The registration system will open every year from the 1st of Shevat up to the 21st of Shevat.

Instructions for performing your registration request in three steps:

    1. Providing identification and logging into the system
    2. Updating parental information
    3. Choosing an educational track
    4. Choosing a school
    5. Sorting the schools and completing the registration


Providing identification and logging into the system

Enter the student's ID number (including the control digit) and the ID number of one of the parents (including the control digit), and click the "Next" button.

Logging into the system will be possible only if the student is supposed to learn in First Grade in the 5780 school year, and the address of his place of residence is in Jerusalem.


Updating parental information

The parents' names and the student's address are in the Jerusalem Education Administration database, and will be displayed automatically by the system.

  • Home phone number and e-mail-- required
  • Medical assistant - Physical disability of the student or parent
  • Work phone number
  • Marital status -- required
  • Mobile phone number -- required
  • Parents' level of education (the information will be used by the system for accessibility purposes)


If the address of the student listed on the system is incorrect, it should be reported to the Registration and Transfer Department at the Municipality, Safra Square Building 3, Ground Floor.

By phone: Galit: 02-6297741 Levanah: 02-6297851 Hen: 02-6297776


All data that you have entered will be transferred to the school, and they will implement it.

When the data entry is finished, click the "Next" button.


Choosing an educational track

Click on the desired line:

Applying for a state (public) school or applying for a state-religious school (in the education system, there are four ideological streams: state education, state-religious education, recognized non-official education, and state ultra-Orthodox education. You have the right to choose an ideological stream in which your child will study.)


Choosing a School

The registration system will display to you all the city's schools in the desired educational track. The system will display at the top of the list the schools in your area of residence, and then all of the other schools in Jerusalem.

Choose four schools, including super-regional schools, by clicking the checkbox to the left of the school name. Upon completing the selection, click "Next".

The admission to the super-regional schools is subject to the quota of the number of places determined for each school outside of the region selected, and the parents' signature on a document attesting that they have read the school regulations and undertake to act accordingly.


Sorting the schools and completing the registration

The system will display to you the schools you have selected (regional and super-regional). Mark the order of preference of the schools you selected by clicking on the right of the name of the school. The school for which you want the highest priority will be marked as a first priority, next in second priority, and so on. When you have finished marking down your preferences, click "OK".


There are several options at the end of the registration:

1. Updating the request - Access will be enabled by clicking the "Update Request" button on this page.

2. Sending the following confirmation form to an e-mail box.

3. Saving the request and completing it.


You have now completed the registration process. A confirmation of receipt of the request will be sent as a message to the e-mail you provided. A written notice of the school in which your child is enrolled[y1]  will be received within two months from the date of completion of registration. The selection can be changed until the date Shevat 21st, 5779—January 27th, 2019.




All the elementary schools in Jerusalem are self-managed. The concept of self-management broadens the pedagogical and administrative autonomy of the principals of the educational institutions by empowering and developing the managerial and educational staff, which are intended mainly for the development of educational activity in the school.

Contact Information:

You can also send an email by clicking on the name of the desired contact.

Contact Information
NameRolePhone No.
Levana NissimDirector of the Department for Student Registration 02-6297851
Hen Moyal Director of the Department for Student Registration02-6297776
Galit Cohen Registration and Enrollment Officer02-6297741


Request to cancel registration

(Moving to another authority, leaving the country, registration to a private institution)

• An application form for cancellation of registration, signed by both parents

• Copy of the addendum to the ID card, showing marital status (married/divorced)

• In the event that the parents are divorced, a consent certificate signed by both spouses must be submitted.

Request for approval of foreign studies

• Application form for "Approval of Foreign Studies" from the authority in which you reside

• Confirmation of the institution's accepting the child

• A copy of the ID card + Addendum to ID

• The Authority does not undertake to enroll the child in the requested home

• For clarification regarding the foreign study fee, it is possible to contact Ms. Irit Izchak at 629-7943; if by e-mail, click here.



New Residents in the City

• An application form for cancelling registration from the previous authority, stating whether the child studied in regular or special education. Please note the names of all the children in the family who are in educational institutions

• Copy of parents' ID + apartment contract

• For Grades 2 - 6, a report card/evaluation certificate issued from the school where the child has studied

• Registration will take place at the Registration Center


Legal Representatives

• ID card of the authorized legal representative

• ID cards of both parents

• Signed letter of authorization