Kindergarten Department

Kindergarten Department

Jerusalem Municipality, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, operates the system of kindergartens in a professional manner while responding to a wide range of ideological currents and educational needs.​

​Two main educational streams, state and state religious, coexist together to form a single fabric of urban preschools. The Jerusalem Municipality is making every effort to create ideal physical and educational conditions for kindergarten age children.


Safra Square 3 Ground Floor

Kindergarten hours:

Sun, Tuesday and Thursday between the hours 9:00 to 13:00
Deborah Givati - 02-629-7666 \ 02-629-6612


Fax and email for registering in kindergartens:

Mimi Melamed – Region 1: 02-629-6599
Sima Elzam – Region 2: 02-629-5897
Yoshia Ronit – Region 3: 02-629-6582


Registration for Ultra Orthodox kindergartens:

02-6297451, 02-6297936, 02-6296953



KindergartensRonit Shema, In Charge of Kindergarten - Wednesday between 08:30-19:00, Thursday Between 08:30-13:00safra sq,6019