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Higher Education in Jerusalem

Besides being Israel’s capital, Jerusalem is also the country’s largest city. Its geographically central location has led to the establishment of a myriad of academic institutions throughout the city in almost every field imaginable.

Jerusalem’s premier academic institution is the Hebrew University which, when founded in 1925, was also the first university established in Israel. Since then, many other colleges have been established offering bachelors degrees, masters degrees, technical certification, preparatory programs, psychometric prep courses and high school matriculation. Colleges and seminaries have also been established in the outlying areas only a short distance from the city, proper. Jerusalem is also home to some very specialized unique institutions of world renown in their respective fields.


Academic Institutes for Education and Teaching

David Yellin College of Education
Rehov Hamoreh, Jerusalem

Areas of Specialization: Teachers training college


Michlalah For Women
Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem


Areas of Specialization: Bachelors in Education and Teaching, Enrichment and Continuing Education, Treatment and Therapy, Psychometric preparatory classes, and other preparatory courses


Lifshitz College of Education Jerusalem


Efrata College of Education
Ben Yefuneh 17, Bakaa, Jerusalem
Academy for teaching - Women only



Emunah College of Education

Areas of Specialization: Visual Communications, Art, Theater, Art History, Judaism, Education and Teaching, English Studies, Army Preparatory Program, Midreshet Tchelet, Religion

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Colleges and Academic Institutions

Bezalel Academy for Art and Design
Jerusalem, Mount Scopus


Areas of specialization: Study towards a qualifying degree in art, design or architecture


Hadassah College Jerusalem
Jerusalem, Rehov Haneviim


Types of specialization: Study towards a bachelors degree in: Computing, Optometry, Biotechnology, Health and Environmental Science, Medical Laboratory Science, Communication Disorders, Industrial Design, Photographic Communication, and Management
Masters offered in Computers and Optometry


The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance


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Colleges and Academic Institutions for Science and Engineering

The Jerusalem College of Technology
Machon Lev for Men and Machon Tal for Women
Rehov Havaad Haleumi 21, Jerusalem


Areas of Specialization: Studies towards bachelors degrees in the following professions: Engineering, Technology and Management, which combine applied academic pursuits with yeshiva Torah studies for both the men and the women separately.


The Jerusalem College of Engineering


Areas of Specialization: bachelor of science in Engineering in the following specialties: Pharmaceutical Engineering, Electronics Engineering ,Software Engineering, Industrial engineering, Materials Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering in collaboration with the Technion


Jerusalem Academic Center - Lander Institute
Givat Shaul, Jerusalem


Areas of Specialization: Bachelors and Masters degrees in Business Administration, Israel and Jerusalem Studies, Education and Social Studies, Jewish Studies, Tourism Studies and Continuing Education

Telephone: 0732-204220/2


The Schechter Institute
Avraham Granot 4, Jerusalem
(Behind the Israel Museum)


Areas of Specialization: Masters degree studies in Jewish studies with a focus on: text, talmud, or halachah (Jewish law), Jewish thought, Israel Studies, Womens Studies and Judaism and more


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Schools for Nursing and the Health Professions - Degree-granting

​Shaarei Zedek Medical Center

Nursing school offers an academic degree through the universities


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Schools of the Arts - Certificate granting institutions

School of Visual Theater
Rehov Yad Harutzim 4, fourth floor, Talpiot, Jerusalem


Areas of Specialization: Training artists in the rainbow of disciplines spanning the spectrum of the performing arts and the plastic arts. Multidisciplinary techniques of performance, acting, dance theater, multimedia performances, puppet shows, set design and more. The curriculum is 4 years long and graduates are granted a certificate of completion. It is possible to combine study there with bachelors studies at David Yellin College of Education.

Ma’aleh School of Television, Film and the Arts
Rehov Shivtei Yisrael 20, Jerusalem


Areas of Specialization: School for television and theater

The Sam Speigel Film and Television School

Rehov Yad Harutzim 4


Areas of Specialization: School for television and theater


Musrara - The Naggar School of Photography, Media, New Music, Animation and Photography
Rehov Haayin Chet 9, Musrara, Jerusalem


Areas of Specialization: School for the study of photography, media and new music


Nissan Nativ Acting Studio


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Technical Colleges for the Training of Engineers under the supervision of The Israeli Standards Institute

Etgar Institute - Jerusalem Branch
Studies take place in the Mitchell College - Rehov Sokolov 15, Jerusalem
02-624-5246 - Coordinator: Maya Pchima MAYA.JR@HISTADRUT.ORG.IL



National College – Jerusalem Branch
At the National College one can study in a wide variety of fields:

Professional courses and courses on transportation under the supervision of the Transportation Ministry and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, training of engineers and academic training.


The Jerusalem College of Management
Rehov Masryk 10

For details:



Hakraya - Technological and Engineering Education Center
Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center, Jerusalem

For details:
Mrs. Mazal Koresh - 02-6777771


Michlol - Science and Torah Program



Afik College - Jerusalem Branch
Rehov Sokolov 15, Mitchell School, Jerusalem


Areas of Activity: Interdisciplinary center for high tech study, studies lead to a diploma in various fields: Industry and Management, Programming and Electronics, Industrial Engineering and Management, Electronics Engineering.


Hadassah Academic College
Rehov Haneviim 37, Jerusalem


Academic Preparatory program for New Immigrants



Michlelet Nava/Michlelet Lustig
Rehov Beit Yitzchak 1, Jerusalem
Offers high level academics to haredi women and men, respectively, in a pleasant atmosphere in a wide number of tracks of study in the fields of science and technology in this worthy institution with a fantastic academic staff.

Registration details and information: Naomi Weiser 02-6544523/50
fax: 02-6519376


Maalot Beis Yaacov
Rehov Shmuel Hanavi 36

Registration details and information: Mrs. Shoshana Rizi 02-5818970, fax 02-5321210


Center for Beis Yaacov in Israel
Rehov Malchei Yisrael 57

Registration details and information: Mrs. Tzippi Hildesheimer 02-5382455 ext 323, fax 02-5002957

Haredi Center for Professional Training in Israel
Rehov Am Ve’Olamo 4, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem
tel. 073-7935800, fax 073-7935814/


Girls’ Seminar of Simcha and Margalit - Rishon Le’Tzion College of Management - Jerusalem Division

Rehov Avigdori 3, Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-6244432

Areas of Specialization: Engineering studies: Software Engineering, Visual Communication Engineering

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​The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Jerusalem campus, Mount Scopus campus, Ein Kerem campus


The university offers bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in the following faculties: Social Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Computer Science, Law, Business, Social Work, Education, Veterinary Sciences, Agricultural Science, Medicine and Dentistry.


The Open University


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