Municipal Volunteering

The Municipal Unit for Volunteering in the Municipality of Jerusalem promotes volunteering in the city in general and in the welfare field in particular.

Volunteering takes place in all areas of life: welfare, society, health, environment, emergencies and more

The Municipal Unit for Volunteerism has taken upon itself to advance the cause of volunteering in Jerusalem, concentrating more specifically on areas that relate to the aspect of community well-being such as health services, social and community services, environmental issues, the arts, emergency services, etc.

The Unit is in constant touch with about 300 different central bodies that make use of volunteers in Jerusalem. The Unit is regularly assists in the recruiting and placement of volunteers, and relies significantly on coordinators within the municipal social service area officesfor help. In addition, the Unit is involved in developing unique projects for the benefit of the City residents. The Unit assists in the providing of information and training to those organizations which manage the activities of their volunteers as well as to the volunteers themselves. In so doing, the Unit protects the rights of the volunteers by providing social insurance coverage (as part of the National Social Security /Bituach Leumi system). The Unit also provides various additional benefits that include a volunteer identity card and a benefits brochure which lists discounts for volunteers at various cultural and commercial enterprises. Opportunities are given to volunteers to participate in special municipal and state events and ceremonies. An additional area of responsibility for volunteers is that of emergency services, a program which is carried out in cooperation with the co-operation of the Municipal Volunteer Council and many other volunteer organizations dedicated to assistance in times of emergency.

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For more information contact:

Niki Kreeger
The Municipal Unit for Volunteerism
Community Services Authority
Department of Social Services
Municipality of Jerusalem

Telephone: (02) 629-7003/4 il