Social Services Department

Israel’s comprehensive welfare system is based on social legislation that provides for a wide range of social and community services.

 According to law, every municipality and local authority is legally required to maintain a Department of Social Services. ​

These departments are responsible for the delivery of social services at the local level.
The Department of Social Services of the Jerusalem Municipality serves the city with the largest population in the country and a complicated cultural mix.
The mission of the Department of Social Services is to improve the overall welfare of the city's residents and to improve social equality within the city, while respecting the unique cultural differences. It does so by assisting residents in distress or crisis, by strengthening their independent functioning, by helping them to realize all their rights and by protecting those who are unable to care for themselves. The department's staff plans, develops and implements services for the welfare of the individual, family and community.

Equally important is the role of representing the social needs of the city to community, municipal and governmental leaders in order to influence social policy decisions and social legislation
The Community Services Administration