Citizen Advice Service (CAS) - Jerusalem Municipality

Citizen Advice Service (CAS)

​CAS is a universal municipal service for the residents of Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, seeking help to implement their rights and to solve various issues in a variety of areas. CAS is operated in Jerusalem by the Welfare Division (The Jerusalem Municipality), in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare.

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1/1/1970 12:00 AM

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​What services are provided as part of CAS?

CAS provides information, guidance, advice, advocacy, and mediation between the resident and various bodies (municipal, governmental, public, and private) as well as with other residents.
In the following areas:

  1. Housing (such as contracts, protected rent, landlord and tenant relationships )
  2. Housing Culture
  3. Employer-Employee Relationship
  4. Guidance with Personal/Familiar Problems
  5. Consumerism
  6. Services Provided by Local Authorities or Governmental Bodies.
  7. Law and Order
  8. Financial Consultation

The staff includes counselors from various backgrounds, including social workers, lawyers, bankers, educators, finance and HR managers, who underwent specialized training.

Confidentiality guaranteed – the service is free of charge!


Safra Square, Building 1, Floor 0

Phone: 02-6297144, 02-6297221, 02-6297227