The Streetscape Design Manual for the Old City of Jerusalem- Jerusalem municipality

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The Streetscape Design Manual for Jerusalem was launched in 2010 as a generic design guide for Jerusalem in its entirety, intended to create "some order" in the public realm. Indeed, the Jerusalem planning system has successfully internalized and absorbed the most important attributes of street language: consistency, clarity and simplicity in design.

The preparation of this Streetscape Design Manual for the Old City of Jerusalem emerged from the understanding that the design of the public realm of the Old City has to be unique and differentiated from that of the wider civic realm. The Old City constitutes the very heart of Jerusalem, the nucleus from which over the years the New City emerged, developed and expanded, a place constantly in the attention and focus of a multitude of people worldwide. 

 Over the years a variety of programs were promoted for the renovation and conservation of sites in the Old City, predominantly directed to the enhancement of monuments and structures. The space between the buildings – the narrow alleys and markets typical to the Old City, the facades to the street, the lighting and the signs – deserve the same degree of attention and are therefore the focus of this manual.

The Streetscape Design Manual for the Old City of Jerusalem presents a comprehensive guide that lays out the rules for the design and upgrading of the public space with an emphasis on conserving its historical and cultural heritage as well as the esthetic values that are drawn from the spirit of this place. This guide also incorporates current regulations, standards and codes. Great effort was invested in finding solutions for accessibility and compliance with legal standards particularly where this involved addressing the steep alleyways and the stairways of the Old City.

I very much hope that The Streetscape Design Manual for The Old City of Jerusalem will be utilized by professionals working to upgrade the Old City's public spaces, to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Ofer Manor

Chief Architect,

Jerusalem Municipality