Quality of Service Department

Quality of Service Department

​Departmental goals:

  1. ​To provide professional, customized service that meets the municipal residents’ and employees’ expectations according to measurable performance standards, with full transparency.
  2. Dependable and efficient service in a pleasant, hi-tech work environment.
  3. To provide an attitude of respect, kindness, utmost consideration and preservation of the resident’s rights.
  4. Assimilating norms of resident-focused service.
  5. Improving the municipality’s image as a service provider.
  6. Differentially integrating processes with the service provider in accordance with its needs.
  7. Building measurable service level agreements.
  8. Strengthening ties with the resident and increasing feelings of city pride.


  1. Operating an objective review and measurement system in order to examine residents’ satisfaction.
  2. Reviewing the time measurements of the in-house and extra-organizational service level agreements.
  3. Improving the call center service in the municipal units.
  4. Assisting municipal departments to lead processes of department-wide service improvement.
  5. Leading systemic city-wide projects regarding service improvement
  6. Holding workshops and training seminars for integrating organizational culture and implementing the service vision.
  7. Integrating norms of a resident-focused organizational culture among managers and employees.
  8. To be a focal point among employees and residents in order to receive suggestions for service improvement and optimization
  9. Leading improvement processes derived from public complaints
  10. Generating affinity in the resident’s perception between actions of the municipal and its branches.
  11. Leveraging the resident card to deepen the bond between Jerusalem’s diversified population and all sectors.
  12. Promoting information transparency to the general public.
  13. Making municipal services accessible to diversified populations.
  14. Fortifying in-house culture by integrating knowledge and organization management.
  15. An organizational portal functioning as an in-house communication tool, providing an information- and knowledge-rich work environment.
  16. Improving the in-house service.
  17. Assimilating norms of resident-focused service.
  18. Fortifying in-house culture while considering the employee; holding a service quality week.
  19. To develop and nurture service awareness among employees by using certificates of service excellence.
  20. Internal and external marketing and PR.

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