Internet Department

Internet Department

The Municipal Internet Department is entrusted with:

  1. ​Website design and content.
  2. Initiating interactive projects for the departments.
  3. Improving online services offered to residents
  4. Converting the municipal systems to a Web environment.
  5. Supervision and review of website feeds.
  6. Production and management of the municipal newsletter
  7. Social networks.
  8. Organizing internet-related topics and its integration within the municipality’s departments.
  9. Website maintenance is performed by the municipality’s computer services provider.


Organizational structure

  1. Municipal Internet Department Manager
  2. Internet Manager
  3. English Coordinator
  4. Arabic Manager
  5. Internet Administrators

Goals and emphases

Improving service to residents – the internet department will particularly emphasize the development of user-friendly systems for the website’s municipal services. The website’s goal is to become an easy, available, convenient and user-friendly channel of communication for municipal, state and global residents, while significantly improving municipal services provided to city residents. The website’s goal is to allow users to perform actions, such as settling municipal payments and registration for school and kindergarten, with considerable time and effort saved compared to doing so at city hall.

Transparency of municipal work

  1. Publishing the budget, activity report, work plans, committee agendas, protocols, council meeting reports, allocations and subsidies, public requests for information.
  2. Providing the public with the option to submit an official (legal) request for information via the website.
  3. Providing information regarding municipal services and contacts.
  4. Updating the municipal bylaws, municipal advertisements, Municipal Comptroller’s reports, Ombudsman’s reports, etc.
  5. Publishing municipal forms and the ways to use them.
  6. Live videotaping and online streaming of the Jerusalem city council meetings.


  1. Providing paid services to build companion sites such as: the International Book Fair site, the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair site, the Court of Local Affairs site, festivals, etc.
  2. Creating websites for occasional events.
  3. A TIK TOSHAV (Resident’s File) - compatible payment system


  1. Operating links between internet systems and municipal databases.
  2. Reestablishment of the website’s technological infrastructure.
  3. Developing tools to generate transparency of municipal work to the resident.
  4. Developing an infrastructure interfacing with municipal systems to be displayed on the site.


Continuous website maintenance and maintenance of companion sites such as: the Tourism site, art centers, Gerard Behar, and ‘Hamshushalayim” sites; maintenance for the mayor’s blog; the Jerusalem Art Festival site; the Popular University site; the Court of Local Affairs site etc.

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    Ayala Turjeman, Internet Department Manager

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  • תיק תושב


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