Transport and Infrastructure Development Division

Transport and Infrastructure Development Division

The Transport and Infrastructure Development Division is responsible for the recommendation and implementation of the transport policy and the development of the infrastructure in the city by means of planning, execution and control of the public infrastructure in the city, including activities in the following fields:

Projects in the field of infrastructure in public areas, paving roads and sidewalks, traffic arrangements, traffic management, traffic lights and accessibility for people with disabilities, public transport and mass transport and accessibility thereof for people with disabilities, street lighting, safety, devices and arrangements, covered bus stops and the Municipal Safety HQ.
The Division carries out the work directly by means of its units and/or by means of subcontractors and/or by means of municipal subsidiary companies and other organizations.

The responsibility for proper development obligates control of planning and execution, coordination between the various entities and high professional quality. The Division strictly ensures the updates and the implementation of new technology in matters of maintenance within its jurisdiction, from command systems, through smart barriers and up to and including traffic management systems which handle traffic lights and tunnels along arterial roads.

Activities of the Division

  • Planning, development and control of the municipal infrastructure, including arterial roads, inter-neighborhood roads, public transport lanes, sidewalks, traffic arrangements and traffic lights.
  • Ongoing maintenance of traffic lights, traffic management systems, vehicle traffic tunnels on arterial roads and traffic arrangements, smart barriers, real time data.
  • Planning and implementation of road safety arrangements and managing the Municipal Safety HQ including training and PR for the focused demographics.
  • Coordination and licensing of infrastructure work and excavations in the City.



Contacts Table
Kobi MamaliaTransport and Infrastructure Development Division Manager02-6297956
02-​6297096contact form
Leah PelegTransport and Infrastructure Development Division Deputy Manager02-6297668​02-6296554​
 Traffic Regulations                    Department Manager02-6297733​02-6297178contact form
Slava GeldsteinDirector of Execution, Department of Roads02-6297660/1​02-6297178contact form
Nidal MunaInfrastructure Department Manager​02-6297664/5​02-6297382​contact form
Sausan Miari Responsible for planning traffic lights and public transportation02-6491600​