Planning & Infrastructure Administration

​Vision Planning and Infrastructure Administration - creating a planning infrastructure to support city development objectives while preserving and empowering social, physical, and environmental elements. Sensitivity to unique city values characteristic of its historic heritage.

​Strategic tasks of the Planning Director – ensuring constant supply and availability of statutory plans for land allocation which combine a balance between residential, education, culture and society, employment, tourism, higher education and public open spaces. Ensuring maximum social and environmental quality, while preserving strategic land resources and creating planning inventory for many years to come. Creating a high quality physical environment, while preserving sensitivity to unique city values characteristic of historical heritage as a tool for leveraging and enhancing the economic level and quality of life in the city and involving residents in the planning process while maintaining focused and quality service that will shorten and streamline intra-organizational procedures and considerably improve the image of the Municipality in the eyes of the residents.

Planning And Infrastructure Administration
Name Title Phone Fax Email
Shlomo Eshkol Planning Administration Director, City Engineer02-6297680 , 02-629461202-6296453Contact form
Ofer GridengerCity Planning Division, Manager02-629767902-6296453 Contact form
Gil Reichman Environmental Affairs Division, Manager02-629787902-6296476  Contact form
Ofir MayLicensing & Supervision Division, Manager02-629765402-6242357Contact form
​Kobi MamaliaTransportation & Infrastructure Development Division, Manager02-6297668/902-6296554   Contact form