The Environmental Quality Department

Activities of the Environmental Quality Department:

  • ​Providing authorization of the Department to building permit requests from an environmental aspect: preventing the penetration of radon, removing rubble and sand to sanctioned sites, preventing air pollution from parking garages, kitchens and generators, gathering data regarding the presence of hazardous materials amongst rubble, complying with the provisions of the law regarding the prevention of noise hazards.
  • Designating terms and conditions, examining the execution and providing authorization from the Department as regards obtaining a Completion Certificate / Form 4.
  • Handling problems of air pollution and noise, resulting from the uncontrolled use of modern technological devices in industry, in businesses, in transport and in construction, through operating sophisticated monitoring equipment.
  • Handling inquiries from the residents of the city regarding matters of hazards: noise, dust, hazardous materials, radiation, etc.
  • Initiating new municipal by-laws for environmental protection.
Contacts Table
Gil ReichmanThe Environmental Quality Department Manager02-​629787902-​​6296475contact us
Nimrod LeviAir Quality                    coordinator​02-​629604902-​​6296475 contact us
Andrei ShapiraNoise coordinator​02-​629648002-​​6296475contact us
Amiram RotemEnvironmental Radiation Manager​02-​629648202-​​6296475contact us
Avi ShapiraLicensing and Treatment of Environmental Hazards Manager02-​​6298189​02-​6296478 contact us
Nimrod Levi​Industries and Dangerous Materials coordinator02-​​629604902-​​6296475contact us
Amiram RotemPlanning and Sustainable Development Manager02-​​629648202-​​6296475contact us
Ami KaplanRecycling and Solid Waste02-​6296473​02-​​6296475contact us