Sanitation Division

Sanitation Division

​The Sanitation Division is responsible for cleanliness, garbage removal, pest control and operating the Municipality’s fleet of vehicles.

The responsibility for collecting garbage and the cleanliness of the city obligates the Division to employ advanced technologies, vehicles and trucks to collect garbage and clean up the city, making constant changes and improvements to the entire municipal transport system, improving output and achieving maximum efficiency.

The Vision of the Division:

Waking up to a clean city, recycling and preserving environmental values and sustainability of the city of Jerusalem.

The Activities of the Division

  • Collecting and removing garbage and maintaining cleanliness in all the neighborhoods of the city.
  • Introduction of innovative and unique technological systems for the collection, compacting, removal and conveyance of garbage.
  • Operation of a municipal recycling system in coordination with the community administrations, neighborhood managers and residents.
  • Preventative handling of pest extermination (such as rats, mosquitoes and bees).

Garbage Removal:

3 times a week in every neighborhood

Street Sweeping:

2–3 times a week in the neighborhoods. Heavily crowded public spaces – every day.

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    Zion Shitrit, Operations Administration Director

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  • תיק תושב


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