Keeping the palm trees healthy - Jerusalem Municipality

Keeping the palm trees healthy

​Prevention and control of the larvae of the palm tree

ללא תאריך


1/1/1970 2:00 AM


​At this time of year there is concern about the activity of the beetle beetle.
The palm tree

Residents of Jerusalem in whose courtyards Canary palm trees are asked to inspect the trees. In trees where the lesion is suspected, they must be treated immediately by competent professionals: an exterminator or an expert trimmer or a certified gardener or an agronomist.

Proper treatment will minimize the damage, prevent the collapse of the tree and a wide environmental hazard. Trees that are severely affected are required to receive a license to cut and treat the tree stump according to the instructions of the Ministry of Agriculture, which involves the employment of a qualified professional.

If no pest control or pest removal activities are carried out as required in an infected tree, a fine of NIS 475 will be awarded in accordance with section 2A of the Jerusalem Auxiliary Law (Maintenance of Cleanliness and Order), 5738-1978, for failure to remove the nuisance.

Thank you for your cooperation!
For more information contact the Horticultural Department at 02-6297753