Building Planning

Building Planning

​The department’s primary function is architectural design and preparing work plans to be issued for the tenders of public buildings construction. The department is also involved in the public buildings lot allocation in the City Building Plans, in order to receive the optimal lots.

​The department is responsible for architectural design of public institutions, the issuance of construction permits and meeting their terms. It performs design supervision of external planners at all stages of design.

The department includes the following branches:

The architectural branch

The branch is responsible for preparing architectural plans for department-designed projects, including issuing the required approvals, issuing construction permits, coordinating advisors and oversight. Additionally, the branch tracks the plans designed by outside planners.

The construction branch

The branch in responsible for preparing construction plans, primarily for department-designed projects, including static calculations and an engineer’s statement for the purpose of construction permits. The branch instructs the frame planners and land advisors in sites where projects are being executed.
The branch monitors construction plans and its engineers are involved in addressing city-wide engineering issues.

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