Development Administration – Jerusalem Municipality

The Development Administarion includes the Division for the Advancement of Businesses, Computerization, the Assets Division and the Public Buildings Division.

The administarion goals are:
Making Jerusalem a business, innovative and technological city (a smart city). Economic development, adaptation of digital tools to become an international city. Encouraging globalization and positioning the city of Jerusalem in a way that conducts its business, innovation and technology in line with the world's leading cities.

All this while encouraging entrepreneurship and action, with a deep concept of public service.


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Eitan Barzilai Director of Development Administration02-62954496295446            

Amir Chakimian

Director of Business Promotion02-629807502-6296854 Contact Form
Rita Lidjenski Director of Municipal Assets Division02-629765402-6296536
Aaron Ben Nun Director of Public Buildings Division02-629792102-6295996 Contact Form
Itamar Kornfeld

Director General and Information Security Officer

​​Ayala SassonCDO - Cheif Digital Officer​​02-6293691​​Contact Form




Eitan BarzilaiDevelopment Administration Manager israel street,501