The Young People Authority

The Young People Authority is a municipal body which works towards reinforcing Jerusalem as an attractive city for young people.

We believe that young people are the driving force for strengthening the city economically, socially and culturally. As such, the future of Jerusalem depends on its ability to establish a new generation of young productive residents: students, civil servants and industry workers, business managers or professionals, artists and creators in various fields, social entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs in other fields, couples and young families, employees and self-employed who want to create a future within the city.

The Young People Authority cooperates with all the sections of the Municipality and beyond in order to create policies which promote initiatives and programs to strengthen the city, such as:

To increase the number of students and improve students' status; expand employment and housing for young people; to support young artists and graduates of art schools; to increase young entrepreneurship in social activities, business and industry; to create a variety of cultural events and a young scene; to absorb young immigrants, recently discharged soldiers and national service volunteers; to construct and allocate functional public buildings for young people; to expand and improve services for young families within community frameworks; to establish communities and young leadership groups; to encourage youth organizations to work for the public and the community; to expand benefits for young people; to reveal the many virtues of the capital city to young people wherever they are, and various other activities and undertakings.

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