Society and Youth Division - Jerusalem Municipality

Society and Youth Division

​​The Social Division is a professional municipal headquarters body which operates opposite the communal structures in the city.

The Social Division serves as a professional municipal headquarters which operates opposite the city’s community framework.
The Division provides services in neighborhoods and on a city-wide level for all sectors and populations around the city, characterized by headquarters work cooperatively with the regional councils and encourages residents’ involvement in neighborhood management.
The work is carried out using systematic community work methods to identify needs and provide solutions for the various populations, in collaboration with relevant municipal departments, organizations and other institutions in the city.

  • Leisure and social activities for youth departments in regional councils and community centers
  • Leisure and social activities for the young population with special needs (“Tzamid”)
  • Specialized youth centers
  • Youth groups
  • Students
  • Neighborhoods
  • Senior Citizens
  • Educational programs and courses for residents on a variety of communal topics
  • Corresponding services in the Haredi sector
  • Corresponding services in East Jerusalem

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    Rani Rozenheim

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  • תיק תושב


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