Municipal Gallery

Municipal Gallery

​As in every respectable capital city in the world, the city boasts a Municipal Gallery whose main task is to bring the motley public closer to art and to initiate and develop relationships with professional organizations in the arts, across the country and around the world.

The Municipal Art Gallery was established in 1980 in view of the increasing demand from Jerusalem Artists for proper display space for veteran and new artists alike, and was the first of its kind in the country, paving the way for the opening of additional municipal galleries.
Throughout the years, the Gallery has held hundreds of diverse exhibitions and provided a platform and channel for young artists, immigrant artists, and artists with special needs, as well as veteran artists and international guest artists.
In the urban tapestry, the Municipal Gallery should be seen as a cross-divisional institution which provides services to all the divisions of the Municipality and public departments such as the Engineering Administration, City Improvement, Education Administration, etc. as well as addressing needs of informal education and joint projects.
Some of the young artists who received their first push in the Municipal Gallery are now renowned in the field of art, in Israel and internationally.
The Gallery gives respite and encouragement to artists, support to creative minds, an intimate venue for opening exhibitions, the exchange of opinions and ideas and provides a platform for artists to hold discussions and workshops on their work.
The Municipal Gallery, located on the boundary between Eastern and Western Jerusalem, experiences the agony of coexistence and attempts to navigate the coveted path to peace and pluralism through creativity.
The Gallery is one element in an array of subjects in the art world under the auspices of the Mayor’s Consultant of Art and Design, David Susanna, and in this way it combines and unites art, education and society in the urban network.

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