Adult Education Department - Jerusalem Municipality

Adult Education Department

​The Adult Education Department serves a wide and varied target population, generally aged 18 and up.

The Department runs Hebrew ulpans which provide Hebrew language and culture instruction to the population of new immigrants, the Arab sector and tourists.
The Department enables the acquisition of basic education in order to reduce inequality in the population and provides a second chance for education completion, enrichment and expansion of education and horizons of the student.
The Department runs an adult high school which allows students to complete 12 years of education and receive a high school diploma. Through the Popular University it offers diverse activities which enable enrichment and expansion of horizons in various fields including Jewish Studies, Humanities, Israel Studies, Computer Science, and more.

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    Hagit Van-Dar Hoven, Director

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    02-5456852/4, 02-546867

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  • תיק תושב


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    bezalel street,643

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