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Complaints Department

​The Ombudsman fulfils the function of providing direct services to the complaining resident and comprises part of the public service provided by the Municipality by way of its various units. The Commissioner attempts to solve in practice the resident’s unique problem. Addressing a justified complaint obliges the Commissioner to make steps toward its correction, in addition to what it reveals regarding the existence of a flaw in the administrative procedure.

Advantages of combining the Commissioner’s work of investigating complaints and municipal review
Although ostensibly there is no significant correlation between the work of investigating complaints made by residents, which is a targeted matter, and the craft of reviewing, which is primarily required for checking the propriety of the systemic action being reviewed, in practice it has been shown that there is a significant advantage to combining the two systems and combining them into a single organizational framework – the City Comptroller and Ombudsman Department.

Through public complaints, the review department is exposed to the field work of municipal employees and units and receives an up-to-date depiction of their actions from the public. Likewise, the Ombudsman’s Unit, when combined with the review department within the organization, benefits from the prestige and credibility of the review establishment.

The investigation of a number of complaints continues on, under the Municipality Comptroller’s supervision, to the preparation of systemic review reports regarding departments in which faults which have consequences beyond the examined case have been found during the investigation of the principal complaint. The findings of these reports have indicated faults which required changes in work procedures in order to correct. Some of the reports were also accompanied by personal conclusions drawn against the responsible parties.

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