Administration & HR - Jerusalem Municipality

Municipal Administration & Human Resources

The Administration and Human Resources Department is the headquarters and strategic partner of the Municipality’s administration in promoting its policies and goals.

​The Administration initiates and sets policies in internal services and municipal human resources. The Administration aspires to lead in providing its services in order to allow the Municipality's administration, its departments, and employees, to provide the resident with optimal service resulting from a "client-focused" attitude, and through the use of advanced technology.

The Administration operates and outlines an organizational culture of professionalism, excellence, service-orientation and cooperation, as well as continual learning.

The Administration guides and directs, sets work processes, acts transparently and comprises a professional address for the Municipality's management, employees, departments and extra-municipal bodies.

Contacts Table
Haim GabayHuman Resources Administration, Director62979236296944
Meir Ben ShitritLogistics, Director6295315 6295642
Steven MandelCity Hall Complex, Director6297700/16296694   
Eitan LeviLocal Affairs Court, Director 62946906297569