Parking for Disabled

Caregiver for parent requiring long-term care (exceptional tag)

​Documents required for the issue of a parking permit:

  • Address of the parent requiring long-term care.
  • Summary of medical information regarding the parent requiring long-term care. 
  • Vehicle license of the vehicle owned by the applicant.
  • Exclusive vehicle - Official approval from the resident’s workplace, signed by an authorized signatory on behalf of the company / association, certifying that the vehicle is for the applicant’s exclusive use, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Privately owned company vehicle - A certificate from the company’s accountant certifying that the vehicle owner is the shareholder / company, as well as the 3 last pay stubs and official approval from the workplace.
  • Vehicle owned by a leasing company and used by a company / individual - the tag applicant is required to present a binding agreement between the leasing company and the tag applicant.
  • Valid driver’s license in the applicant’s name.​

The request will be passed to the professional committee for their approval.​

Exceptional parking permit – restricted to the 2 streets near the parent’s residence only.