Parking for Disabled

​Parking Permits for Disabled Parents’ Health Care Aides

Documents required for the issue of a parking permit:
 - Address of the disabled parent requiring the health care aide.
 - Summary of medical information confirming that the parent requires a health care aide.
 - Parking permit applicant’s vehicle license.
 - Company vehicle – official authorization from the resident’s work place, signed by a company/association signatory, stating that the company vehicle is for their use only, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
 - Privately owned company vehicle – authorization from the company’s accountant, stating that the company owner owns the shares/company plus 3 pay stubs and official confirmation from the work place.
 - In case of a vehicle owned by a leasing company and used by a company/private individual, a contractual agreement between the leasing company and the parking permit applicant must be submitted.
 - Requestor’s valid driver’s license.

The request will be passed to the professional committee for their approval.

Exceptional parking permit – restricted to the 2 streets near the parent’s residence only.