Regional Parking Permits

​The Service and Public Applications Department issues regional parking permits.

A regional parking permit entitles a resident to park their vehicle at any time, during day or night, without restrictions, in the parking region specified in their parking permit.

Who is eligible to receive a free parking permit?
A resident who owns a vehicle, or a resident who is in possession of a company vehicle, and who does not have a private parking spot in their home’s private area, or by their home, may submit a request for a parking permit, regardless of whether they own or rent the home in which they reside - in the latter case, on the condition that the rental period is no less than 30 days.
Parking permits for renters are granted for a period no longer than the rental period.
In the event that a request for a parking permit is rejected, the applicant will receive written notice of this from the Parking Services Division, including an explanation of the reasons for the rejection.

Persons who previously held a parking permit and wish to renew their parking permit must return the previous parking permit, even if it has already expired.