No More Parking Meters - Jerusalem Municipality

Parking Payment Methods

There are several digital parking payment methods and electronic parking cards to be used when parking.

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5/2/2017 2:00 AM

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It is important to use one of these methods and make sure you don't get a parking ticket.

to read about the parking laws click here

Please note,  there are traffic inspectors who give  parking tickets and place the ticket on the front window of the car. These tickets are given when parked in a paid parking area but no payment was made or when parked in a spot which is not an allowed parking spot.



Cellopark will allow a temporary solution for tourists to register with an international phone number through the service center at telephone: 03-7187711 . The tourist will get a fictive phone number in order to be able to access the Cellpark app  with an "Israeli phone number", this solution will allow the tourist to enter the app and activate it.
This is a fictive phone number, no messages or phone calls can be made with it.


For Cellopark website click here

Cellopark telephone: *9070


For Pango website click here.

Pango telephone: *4050

Easy Park

Fore Easy Park website click here

Easy Park telephone: *3279

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