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Payment Arrangements

​Advance Payment, Installments by Standing Order, Concentrated Collection, Spreading Credit Card Payments (more than one payment), Payments by Postdated Checks

Any delay in payment of the municipal tax may lead to initiating enforcement procedures such as filing legal claims and/or foreclosing chattels, bank accounts, salaries, rent and more. Choosing the ''wait and see'' way, will turn out to be extremely expensive for you (payment of the Municipality's attorney fees, court and execution costs) and will be unpleasant for both you and the Municipality.
Filing a request for a discount or queries regarding a charge does not allow delaying payments and any argument of this sort will be rejected. For your convenience, the Municipality has proposed a number of methods of payment allowing you to conveniently split the debt until receiving a response to your request or query.


Advance Payment

​At the beginning of the year, a municipal tax account for the new year is sent to every asset. The account can be paid in cash/credit/check in all the different bank branches, including the postal bank or by telephone, using a credit card. In addition, the voucher can be paid in one payment at the call center, or by means of a credit card. To pay online at the Municipal website click here.

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Installments by Standing Order

​The account can be paid in 12 installments (beginning in the month of January) through a bank standing order. The payment will be charged by default on the 1st of the month. To change the day of charge online click here.

The payments bear linkage differentials (without interest). The standing order can be unconditionally cancelled at any time, but we recommend informing the Municipality in writing shortly before cancelling the standing order and thus saving the commission for cancelling the order (charged by the bank). In order to execute the arrangement, the authorization form must be filled in accurately, submitted to the bank branch for their signature and then sent to us.

Authorization to charge the account - municipal tax

It is important to know that liability for proper execution of the standing order applies to the payer and the payer must make sure that the payments are honored. Moreover, the payer does not necessarily have to also be the owner of the municipal account. 

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Concentrated Collection

​Residential apartments – the account can be paid by monthly deduction from the salary with terms identical to the terms of a standing order (up to 12 payments bearing linkage differentials).

Before joining this arrangement first check with your employer. The arrangement is limited to employer. in public service (mainly governmental, military, police, local authority's offices etc.)

Non-residential assets – payment can be made under similar conditions to a standing order except for the day and manner of payment and provided that the payer is a member in a professional association or professional organization in his/her field (such as the association of craftsmen, traders organization, etc.). To execute this arrangement contact the applicable organization's accounting department and deposit up to 12 checks.

It is important to know that notice of joining or cancelling this arrangement must be submitted in writing a month in advance and until the 10th of the month.

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Splitting Credit Card Payments (more than one payment)

​The account can be paid by splitting credit card payments, however there is no discount for this payment manner and moreover, the credit company requires payment of interest (there is no interest charge for a single payment). If you have an updated voucher, it can be paid in all the different bank branches including the postal bank or by contacting the telephone or computerized call center or click here to pay online.

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Payments by Postdated Checks

​You can send us up to 12 postdated checks (last date for payment is in the month of December) and receive detailed confirmation of submission of the checks. After settling each check a separate receipt will be sent, however there is no discount for this payment manner and the payer will be charged with an addition for interest and linkage differentials.
It is important to know that not honoring one of the checks will immediately lead to initiating execution proceedings according to the law.

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Pay using the Yerushalmi app

​To pay municipal taxes using the municipal Jerusalem app, choose the left menu in the "Payments" app.

To download the Android application click here

To download the iPhone app click here


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