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Arnona 2018

​The 2018 yearly Arnona (Municipal Tax) bills are being delivered these days.

​The last date to pay the yearly bill is on Tuesday, 14th of SHVAT 5778, 30-1-2018.

Settling the bill via direct bank payments

Paying the bill via a direct bank payment settlement will split the bill into 12 index-linked payments, starting on January 2018. If you have paid the 2017 Arnona via a direct payment, the settlement will continue in 2018 unless the municipality will be noted otherwise.
The default charging date for direct payment is the 1st of each month. For your convenience, you may set the payment day to the 10th of each month by notifying the municipality, or by using the online form in Hebrew.
You may apply to enter the arrangement by means of the payment notice form, or by using the application form found on the municipal website.

Advancing to digital services

For your convenience, new and digital services were employed in the past year, in the attempt to improve our service:

  1. Appointment schedule for Assessment and Collection
    Shortening the waiting time: in an effort to reduce waiting time for the various services we grant, we have unveiled a new system, which will allow you to schedule an appointment over the internet and by using the municipal cellular app. Set a date and time, arrive at the requested hour to our offices and check in immediately with a receptionist, without waiting in line. To schedule an appointment, click here.
  2. Applying for Arnona discounts digitally and online
    Save paper, effort and time: Fill in the online forms available for you in the municipal website and receive updated in real time, via Email and SMS, regarding the handling process to its completion. The online forms can be found under "Arnona forms" in the municipal website (click here)
  3. Contact our Phone service without holding on the line using the municipal and the ROBOHOLD apps
    Don't wait on the line for a receptionist: contact us quickly and easily using the municipal and the ROBOHOLD apps, which hold the line for you and wait for a receptionist, without the need to call our phone services.

Public reception

Safra Square, Building 1, on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 08:00-13:00. On Tuesdays, public reception is only available between 15:00-18:00

Telephone response

At the number 02-6296333 , on Sunday through Thursday between 08:00-15:30 and 16:00-18:00. You may pay the rates by means of the notice of payment on a telephone call center active 24 hours a day (except on the Sabbath and on Holidays) at the number 03-9411231, and also by means of the computerized telephone response at 02-6296000.


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