​Information about municipal tax discounts terms​

The Jerusalem Municipality, like other local authorities in Israel, gives discounts for municipal taxes according to the state laws and regulations of the Ministry of Interior. Therefore, the Municipality is not entitled, for example, to give a discount to a business even if it suffered heavy losses or to help students by giving them a discount merely because they are students. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the City Council has determined that discounts in municipal tax in Jerusalem, will be awarded at the maximal rates possible according to stipulations of the laws and regulations.

Before submitting a request for a discount in the municipal tax, the municipal account must be endorsed to the name of the individual requesting the discount, the holder of the asset. For such purpose, the apartment's rent/sale agreement must be submitted. If the apartment is rented, attach an additional copy of the rent agreement when submitting the request for a discount.

If the discount requester does not appear in the Census Registration as a resident of Jerusalem, a certificate from the local authority where he is registered, confirming that he did not receive a discount in the municipal tax from this authority, must be submitted.

If a number of partners entitled to a discount hold the apartment, discount requests for all the partners together must be submitted and the discount will be given to each individual according to his relative portion in the area of the apartment.

The certificates required in this explanation page are the basis for submitting a discount request. Each request will be separately reviewed and you may be required to submit additional documents.

Submitting a request for a discount does not postpone the date of payment and will not delay enforcement of dues.

A request for a discount on behalf of another individual will only be reviewed if a suitable power of attorney is submitted.

The request for a discount will be reviewed for the current year only and no discount will be awarded for previous years. A discount will be negated if an individual received a discount and did not pay his outstanding debt by the end of the tax year.

We remind you that partial and/or false information is a legal offence. The Jerusalem Municipality reserves its full right to check and verify each request, using all measures available according to the law, including cross referencing details with other authorities and employing detective agencies.