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Jerusalem March Information and Traffic Arrangements March Information and Traffic Arrangements<img alt=" " src="/en/Visitors/EventsInJerusalem/PublishingImages/Jerusalem_march_mes_heb.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​The traditional Jerusalem March will take place on Thursday, the 18<sup><font size="2">th</font></sup> of Tishrei 5779, on Chol HaMoed Sukkot (September 27, 2018). The day of the march will include three smaller events:  a morning stroll along nature paths, a happening in Sacher Park, and a festive parade in the streets of central Jerusalem.</p>For the Jerusalem March website in Hebrew click here The Morning StrollPath A, for able-bodied walkers approximately 12 kilometers (start from 700 to 900)Starting from Ammunition Hill - Mount Scopus – Zurim Valley - Mount Zion – Ben Hinnom Valley - Yemin Moshe - Talbiye – Rehavia, and ending in Sacher Park.Path B, with a medium level of difficulty approximately 9 kilometers (starting from 730 to 930)Starting from Mount Scopus – Zurim Valley - Mount Zion – Ben Hinnom Valley - Yemin Moshe - Talbiye – Rehavia, and ending in Sacher Park.Path C, with an easy level of difficulty/for families approximately 4 kilometers (starting from 800 to 1000) Starting from Safra Square - Jaffa Gate - Mount Zion – Ben Hinnom Valley - Yemin Moshe - Talbiye – Rehavia, and ending in Sacher Park. The Sacher Park Happening (from 1000 AM - 1600 PM)The activities are for the entire family, for those who participated in the march, and Jerusalem residents.It includes a family happening, shows, performances, artists, fair booths, Kids' World, and more. Festive Parade at 1500 Starting from Bezalel Street, Hillel Street, King David Street, and ending at the First Station Compound.Representative groups will participate in the parade, marching bands, IDF soldiers, street artists, dance ensembles, and more.* The day before, a march will be held in the area of Yad Kennedy – Khurvat Se'adim, under the auspices of the organization "Meetchabrim", outside the municipal area of Jerusalem. Traffic and Parking Arrangements During the festive march in the city center, the following streets will be closed to vehicles from 1330 until 1800 Ben-Zvi (between Agrippas and the Ruppin junction), Rabin Blvd., Bezalel, Ben Yehuda, Shmuel Hanagid, Be'eri, King George, Agron, Hillel, Ben Sira, King David and David Remez. (Disruption of traffic is expected in the streets connected to these streets).Traffic may be disrupted between 830 and approximately 1300 on Jabotinsky, HaNasi, Haari, Metudela and Saadia Gaon streets.Parking will be completely prohibited on the following streets from midnight on the night before the march (from Wednesday, September 26) until Thursday, September 27 at approximately 1800 Ben Zvi Blvd., Hillel, Ben Sira, King David and David Remez.Drivers heading north on Emek Refaim St. and Bethlehem Road must drive through the IDF Tunnel.For those arriving in Jerusalem, please turn on to Herzl/Begin Blvd. Entrance to the city is recommended via Route 9. Changes will be made in public transportation routes during the march. There will be no service on the following streets Keren Hayesod, King David, King George and Alayash. There will be service on Agrippas, Hanevi'im, King Solomon, Shivtei Israel and Yitzhak Kariv streets. Any vehicles parked in violation of traffic laws and prohibited areas will be towed. The public is asked to use public transportation. For details contact Egged at *2800. Those arriving by car may park at Teddy Stadium or in the Binyanei HaUma area, from which shuttles will be provided to the starting points. Shuttles back to Teddy Stadium from Sacher Park (Ruppin Blvd.) will be available from 1200 until 1500. Shuttles will not be provided from Sacher Park back to the starting points. Drivers are asked to obey police and parking stewards' instructions along the march route.We apologize for the temporary inconvenience caused by the march.For more information March Headquarters 02-5457639, Jerusalem Municipality hotline 106.For the Jerusalem March website in Hebrew click here8/22/2018 9:00:00 PM
Ramat Shlomo Interchange info/Traffic/Pages/RamatShlomoIntersection.aspxRamat Shlomo Interchange<img alt=" " src="/Municipality/Msg_84/PublishingImages/RamatShlomoRenewal.jpg?RenditionID=14" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​Construction of the Ramat Shlomo interchange</p>​The Ministry of Transportion and the Municipality of Jerusalem, through the Moria Company, are constructing the Ramat Shlomo interchange.The new interchange will significantly ease traffic congestion on Highway 9, at the entrance and exit of Ramat Shlomo and Highway 21.Getting Started June 2017Estimated completion June 2020In the first stage of the work there will be no changes in traffic arrangements.We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 11/4/2017 10:00:00 PM



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