Traffic and Parking Arrangements Jerusalem March 2017 - Jerusalem Municipality

Traffic Arrangements Jerusalem March 2017

The Jerusalem March will take place during on Tuesday, October 10, 2017​​​

תצוגת תאריך


1/1/1970 2:00 AM


Due to the festive march in the city center, on Tuesday, 10/10/2017, between 13: 00-18: 00, streets will be closed in the center of the city for private and public transportation. The light rail will operate as usual.

The following streets will be closed to vehicular traffic during the march from 13:00 to 18:00:

Ben-Zvi ( between Agripas and the Ruppin junction), Rabin Boulevard, Bezalel, Ben Yehuda, Shmuel Hanagid, Beeri, King George, Agron, Hillel, Menashe Ben Israel. Traffic disruptions are expected in the streets near by too.

Between 08:30 and 13:00 (estimated) there may be traffic disruption on the following streets: President, HeAri, Metudela, Saadia Gaon, Yehoshua Yavin.

On the following streets, parking will be strictly forbidden from Monday, 9/10/2017 at 18:00 and until  Tuesday , 10/10/2017 at 18:00 (estimation): Ben Zvi, Hillel, Menashe Ben Israel, King David , David Remez.

Drivers on Emek Refaim and Bethlehem Road to the north have to travel through the IDF Tunnel.

For those coming to Jerusalem, come in through Herzl or Begin Boulevard. It is recommended to enter through Route 9.

There will be changes in public transport routes during the march. There will be no service on the streets of Keren Hayesod, King David, King George and Aliyash. The service will be given on the streets of Agripas, the Prophets, King Solomon, Shivtei Israel and Isaac Kariv.

Vehicles parked in violation of traffic laws and prohibited places will be towed. The public is asked to use public transportation. For details call Egged *2800
If you arrive in a private car, you can park at the Teddy Stadium or the Central Bus Station area, and from there there will be public transportation starting points from 06:30 a.m.
Transportation Back to Teddy Stadium will be between 12:00-15:00.

Shuttle services will not be provided back from Gan Sacher to the starting points.
HaLeom parking lot is open to the marchers, free of charge between 08:00 and 21:00.
Drivers are asked to obey the instructions of the police and the ushers along the route of the march.
We apologize for the temporary inconvenience caused by the march​

For further details: march headquarter 02-5457639, Jerusalem Municipality Facebook page, on its website and app, and the municipal call center 106