Free Transportation to Givat Shaul employees - Jerusalem Municipality

Free Transportation for Givat Shaul Employees

​The Jerusalem Municipality, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection, will operate a free transportation system for Givat Shaul employees

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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The Jerusalem Municipality, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and supported by the Har Hotzvim Administration and the East Jerusalem Development Company, announces the expansion of the shuttle system — free rides for Givat Shaul employees starting today.
The bus line (50 seats) that will operate as part of the pilot will pass through the areas of Har Homa, Gilo and Teddy Stadium, and from there will continue to Givat Shaul. In addition, return shuttles will operate in the afternoon for the benefit of employees.
The buses will begin their routes in the morning at 6:45 and 7:45 and in the afternoon at 15:30 and 16:30. The service is designed only for employees of Givat Shaul and requires advance registration prior to each ride. To register or view the route map, use the following link:


At the end of the registration process, a registration confirmation will be sent to the cell phone/email of those who register, as a photo file which the passenger must show the driver upon boarding the bus. Each day's registration is dependent upon seat availability.
The new transportation system follows the already successful model to Har Hotzvim. Prior to initiating the new service, a study involving 1,500 Givat Shaul employees was undertaken  in order to map out their transportation needs.
The Givat Shaul area serves approximately 13,000 employees and is the second-largest employment area in Jerusalem (according to data from the 2012 Transportation Masterplan). Industry, commerce, educational institutions and a variety of offices operate there. The goal of the project is to ease traffic jams and parking and to reduce air pollution as a result of transportation.
The shuttle project’s budget for Har Hotzvim and Givat Shaul stands at IS 1,330,000 annually and is funded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Development Authority. It should be noted that the first stage of the project will operate as a pilot.
Nir Barkat, Jerusalem Mayor: “Improving transportation to the city’s various employment areas is an important and central goal to Jerusalem’s economic advancement. Encouraging cooperative public transportation as a tool for getting to work and reducing air pollution creates a win-win situation for us all.”
Ita Roim, Director of Business Development Givat Shaul: “After many months of intensive work, including the carrying out of studies and meetings with business owners and employees, I am pleased that the project is underway and that it will improve accessibility to the business district. Thank you to all those who worked with me towards this goal.”

Route from Har Homa

Givat Shaul: Marinov/Weingarten – HaRav Kalfon Moshe HaKohen/Eliyahu Koren – HaBaba Sali/HaMaharal MiPrag – Ben Hamo/Bar Lavi – Liechtenstein – Shmuel Meir 7 – Police/Shmuel Meir – HaRozmarin/Tunnels Road – HaRozmarin/Levona – Dov Yosef/Ya’ari – Dov Yosef/HaTsiv'oni – Teddy Stadium/AS Beitar – Kanfei Nesharim/Shatner Center – Kanfei Nesharim/Beit Inbar – Kanfei Nesharim/Rami Levi – Sapir Center/Beit Hadfus – Beit Hadfus/Migdal Dona – Beit Hadfus/Beit Ha-Shenhav.
It is important to emphasize that passengers will only be permitted to exit the shuttle at the designated stops. The shuttles are free of charge and are available only to the target audience, employees of Givat Shaul.