The Jerusalem Municipality approved a plan for 3,000 new housing units in Gilo - Jerusalem Municipality

The Jerusalem Municipality Approved a Plan for 3,000 New Housing Units in Gilo

 Two plans were approved by the Local Planning and Building Committee: an outline plan for southeast Gilo that includes an addition of approximately 2,900 housing units in 12- and 15-storey buildings, construction of public and commercial buildings and an urban artery plan along the "American Highway" comprising 708 commercial, industrial and housing units, alongside public areas and hotels

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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Plan 125195, an outline plan for the southeast of the Gilo neighborhood, is a derivative of the 2000 master plan for Jerusalem, which designated the area as a planning area for urban construction. It is required to submit a comprehensive plan as a condition for promoting detailed plans. The plan is descriptive, suggesting an urban wall along Highway 60 (the Tunnels Road), and includes public and commercial buildings and an additional 2,900 housing units in buildings of 12-15 floors and higher construction along Rosemary Street, along which will run the blue line of the light rail. In this plan, distribution of sites is proposed on a basis of cost, with the outline of the public section presented in detail.


Plan 379594 of the urban artery along the "American Highway", located on the west of East Al-Sawahra includes areas of commerce and trade, housing, public areas and hotels. The proposed plan is derived from the master plan for East Al-Sawahra. It allows the addition of 708 residential units, including varied use for commerce, trade and hotels (totaling 300,000 square meters) along the road between Ein el-Luza and the Sheikh Sa'id Junction in the south, as well as the addition of public buildings and open public spaces. The plan suggests distribution of sites on the basis of cost, while trying as far as possible to provide areas for the needs of the public in each compound.

The "American Highway"
route is already under construction, and the current plan will enable areas of commerce and trade  for the entire region. The plan was coordinated with neighborhood representatives and landowners along the route.