Appointments online at the Municipality of Jerusalem

No More Waiting in Line at the Municipality

​A revolution at the Municipality: Starting October 15, 2018, schedule an appointment in advance and you won't have to wait

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​Click here to make an appointment online


The appointment can be scheduled using the Municipality website, application or at the *3552 call center.

In addition, it is now possible to receive most municipal services on the website and using the application through on-line forms, without having to come to the Municipality.

It will not be possible to receive services without first scheduling an appointment.

On October 15, 2018, the Jerusalem Municipality will launch an unprecedented service revolution in which arrival at the Municipality will only be possible by prescheduled appointment, as is the case with HMOs, the Post Office and many other institutions, in order to save residents from having to wait in long queues to receive services, and to increase the efficiency with which these services are provided.

In the near future, an appointment scheduling system for all services will be brought on-line through the Jerusalem Municipality website, the Yerushalmi application and the *3552 call center, and all residents will be able to schedule appointments in advance and arrive without having to wait in the queue and waste valuable time.

It will not be possible to receive service without scheduling an appointment in advance.

In addition, as part of the revolution, the Municipality is currently completing the transformation of most of municipal services into fast, digital services, and residents will be able to receive most municipal services from home or through the municipal application without having to arrive at the Municipality.

The services will include various payments, parking matters, business promotion, city planning and many other services.

In order to activate the scheduling system, we have begun the installation of fast transfer controllers in the Municipality building, which  are designed to regulate the reception of the public and visitors in the municipal offices and refer them to the offices relevant to the services they require.

Amnon Merhav, Director General of the Municipality, said, "The service revolution will facilitate, improve and streamline services to residents and will bring the Municipality to the highest levels in the service world.  Residents' time is valuable to us.  The Jerusalem Municipality is here to serve residents, and we constantly strive to streamline and improve the services provided to residents and to shorten the bureaucracy and the lines in order to increase residents' levels of satisfaction."

The service revolution will be accompanied by an advertising campaign in the media and social networks that will instruct residents as to how they can receive all the services from home and using mobile devices, and how to schedule appointments in advance for the various municipal departments.

In addition, staff will be stationed at the entrance to the Municipality in the coming weeks, and will provide assistance and guidance to residents and instruct them how to schedule appointments in advance, and how to obtain services without having to arrive at the Municipality.

​Click here to make an appointment online