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A Night in the Square

The most successful housing solution in Manhattan, Washington DC, and London has landed in Jerusalem: check out the newest urban living solution – co-living pods, where housing meets 21th century needs.

Welcome to the world's cheapest Airbnb: only $10 a night – and Safra Square is yours to call home.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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This must be the best Airbnb deal ever. The Municipality of Jerusalem invites you to spend the night in a bijou, immaculately designed 25-square-meter pod that will be placed in Safra Square during the month of August. The fully-furnished unit includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom, shower, and toilet, and comes equipped with air conditioning, television, and all possible amenities. The cost per night is only $10 (36 NIS), including security.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is on offer to the public from August 2 to 8. Registration for a single night (3 pm to 9 am) is available on the Airbnb website from July 24 to 26, and 4 lucky guests will be drawn in a raffle held among all Airbnb bookings. The winners will enjoy a night of special extras, including a visit from the Mayor, deliveries from nearby restaurants, publicity on social networks, and more.

One lucky guest will win a free night! Want to be that guest? Post your reason on our Facebook page in the most creative way you can think of, and it might be you!

The Safra Square Co-Living Project is a special cooperation between the Municipality of Jerusalem, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry for Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, and the Jerusalem Development Authority. It is part of the campaign led by the Municipality of Jerusalem for raising awareness of co-living solutions, also including a conference discussing these solutions. Arising from the realization that the current housing market caters only to families, the ultimate goal is to adapt the co-living model to Israeli reality, including bringing government housing regulations up-to-date.


Co-living: 90 percent of our time in 40 percent of our living space

Co-living is a growing housing trend around the world. Cohabitation in cities started out as a community co-housing model in Scandinavia in the 1970s-1980s, when residents came together to purchase and manage communal housing solutions.

This model has been adopted around the world, and some of the most successful co-living projects include Carmel Place (Ollie) in Manhattan, 5 buildings at Old Oak in London, and communities in Brooklyn, Washington, and Pittsburgh.

Co-living redefines housing as a commodity and a service. It rests on the realization that 90 percent of the time, people are using only 40 percent of their living space. Co-living means shrinking personal space and increasing communal areas instead.

Practically speaking, the housing model offers rent-only units with shared public spaces, operated by a management company offering serviced living, including maintenance, resident screening, and a rich community experience.

Renters enjoy a communal life, but as opposed to the older co-living community model, do not take part in ownership or establishment of either the building or the community. Co-habitation is now a new market commodity – a rewarding residential experience for young renters, and a lucrative opportunity for developers.

Communal areas in the building include a laundry room doubling as a lounge, a large common room with seating areas and a dining area, and a residents' club for parties, events, and movie screenings. The living units come fully-furnished with a bed, a sofa, etc., and equipped with a fridge, a television, and other amenities.

Residents pay a monthly fee covering rent, community events, personal unit utilities (water, gas, electricity, city tax), communications (cable TV, internet), cleaning services (twice a month), and a maintenance fee.


The conference on co-living will be held at the Koresh Hotel in Jerusalem on Monday, July 30.

The co-living pod will be on display at Safra Square on July 30 – August 15, 2018.

For further details, please contact Ravit Carmeli at Stern-Ariely-Saar PR, on 052-6678357.

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