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Check Out Jerusalem's New 3-D Geographical Information System

​We are happy to announce that Jerusalem's new geographical information system (GIS) is now live and available for public use. The revamped system is now more user-friendly than ever, and offers new functionality and tools.

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12/31/1969 6:00 PM

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​The work was carried out by Simplex Mapping Solutions in a unique technology based on aerial photography. Every point in the city was photographed from dozens of different angles, providing ultra-precision mapping of 3 cm per pixel.

The 3-D system's capabilities include measurement tools, various GIS layers, shading by trees and buildings over time, and more.

Both new systems are also available for smartphone and tablet users.

The upgraded system is a huge step bringing Jerusalem into the technological forefront of geographical information systems, alongside a range of new tools, innovative systems, and fruitful collaborations with hi-tech companies.

Check out the new geographical information system here

Check out the new 3-D system here

Or reach them through the municipality website:

Choose Residents from the top navigation bar, then choose City Planning, then click GIS from the left-hand navigation bar (available in Hebrew only).

To reach the 3-D system from the GIS (Hebrew only):

Open the Tools menu from the top navigation bar, choose 3-D Imaging, then click on any point on the map to view it in 3-D. The 3-D system will open in a new window displaying the requested location.